Latest leftist to demand Trump supporters be forcibly re-educated

By Bob Unruh

President Donald J. Trump at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020 (RNC video screenshot)

A blog posting that offers support to President Trump warns that “deprogrammed” and “re-educated” are words that almost always are connected to violence.

“Can you think of a single time in history where these words were used WITHOUT being deadly?” the site wonders.

The issue has come up – again – because leftists have returned to their insistence that anyone who disagrees with them must face that deprogramming, or re-educating.

Now it’s MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski who is demanding an indoctrination program, apparently forced or otherwise, for those who don’t agree with her ideology and politics.

In a rant on video, she also claimed to have the authority of the Bible to mandate vaccinations.

“It is un-Christ-like to not protect your neighbor as well as yourself. God tells us that our bodies are a temple to be protected. That does mean that you are to protect that temple unless Facebook, and talk radio freaks tell you otherwise,” she said.

“This all could have been prevented with a five-minute vaccine. But that firehose of falsehoods has been spewing propaganda and lies for well over a year, and it’s time to turn that spigot off. It’s time to deprogram the cult leaders.”

Her agenda to run others’ lives the way she wants was akin to comments from Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post:

Those comments ordered that “white Republicans” needed to be “deprogrammed.”

The blog posting deprogramming was used in Nazi Germany and the gulags of the Soviet Union.

“And now… The radical left is using these words to describe Trump supporters,” the report said.

Town Hall columnist Matt Vespa explained, “They can’t stand other opinions. They can’t. They cannot be allowed to live. The people who hold them must be targeted and smeared. All must bow before the unholy altar of American progressivism. If you can’t convince them, destroy them, or deprogram them.”

He continued, “People who support Trump are mentally defective, so they must be deprogrammed. What does that mean? Sounds Stalinist in the extreme. It also reeks of Chinese Cultural Revolution underpinnings. Those who do not believe what we believe are off to the camps. It’s nothing new. It only exposes the illiberal nature of the progressive Left. There can be no deviations. ALL must bow to the narrative. You must take this position on this issue or risk annihilation. Ever wonder why so many liberal policies are intrusive and mandatory? They don’t want to bother convincing you anymore, partially because most voters can see on its face that most of what liberal America offers is trash. That’s why you’re forced to do things with a gun to your head.”

CBN previously had said in an earlier report, “Calls to ‘deprogram’ Trump supporters are becoming widely accepted among traditional media elites who never understood why such a wide swath of Americans supported the Trump presidency.”

In the report Katie Couric said, “The question is – how are we going to almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

And Lara Logan, a longtime journalist and former 60 Minutes correspondent warned that the idea of deprogramming political opponents “is more widely accepted than you might think,” the report explained.

“Just the idea that anyone needs to be deprogrammed is such a radical idea and yet this is not an idea that you’re hearing on the fringes, right? This is an idea that’s being published on the opinion pages of the Washington Post,” she said.

Actually, Washington Post opinion writer Brian Klaas wrote, “So, do we have any hope of deprogramming the millions of Americans who are devoted to dangerous lunacy? Don’t hold your breath.”

WND reported when the late Rush Limbaugh issued a warning about those deprogramming demands by Couric and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He said comments like that from Democratic National Committee official David Atkins, who insists that “deprogramming” is needed for every one of more than 74 million people who voted for Trump on Nov. 3, are serious.

Limbaugh noted other similar statements:

  • Alisyn Camerota spoke of the “cult of Trump.”
  • Steve Hassan described Americans recruited “by an authoritarian political cult.”
  • Mustafa Tameez said a “Trump cult that wants to believe whatever the dear leader says.”
  • Jeremy Bash said, “This was a long … deliberate effort by political leaders led by Donald Trump to brainwash, to create a cult.”

Limbaugh noted at the time that if any deprogramming is needed it should be for those who, through the American public education system, “have been taught to hate this country.”

Also previously, CNN host Don Lemon suggested that supporters of President Donald Trump need to be re-educated, or “deprogrammed,” as he put it, before they are allowed to vote.

He unleashed on voters.

“If I had a real friend, who was involved in a cult, which I feel it is cultish behavior, I must try to help them. And you only go so far until you say, until you reach bottom, I cannot deal with it. It’s like an addiction. Until you reach bottom and you want help, I can’t deal with it,” he said.

He continued, “And I think a lot of people need to be deprogrammed, right now, before they cast their next ballots.”

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