New warning of Supreme ‘coup to overthrow nation’s judiciary’

By WND Staff

The U.S. Supreme Court

There’s a deliberate coup attempt that right now is targeting the Supreme Court of the United States, and other courts, according to a new report from new report from First Liberty Institute.

It’s already begun, with the first federal judicial nominations from President Biden.

“The U.S. Senate recently confirmed the first five (5) federal judges of the Biden administration, including Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the influential D.C. Circuit of Appeals, largely considered the ‘second highest’ court in the country after the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as a handful of judges to the lower district courts,” the report explains, with Brown a top contender for the Supreme Court if Justice Stephen Breyer were to retire.

“Although the appointment of such few judges to the lower courts might appear a slow start to the confirmation of Biden’s judicial picks, this shouldn’t lull us into complacency, and especially not Americans who value and cherish religious freedom,” the report said.

What’s happened already “could possibly indicate what’s to come in the next several months—a future in which the far Left doubles down in its push to stage a coup of the Supreme Court and the lower courts.”

It explains Democrats already have committed to restoring the “balance” in American courts, but that’s no more than a “jab” at the administration of President Trump, and the 230 judges in got confirmed.

“Second, because President Biden inherited less than half the number of vacancies of his predecessor at inauguration, it’s no surprise why the current administration is so fixated on exploring ways to ‘reform’ the courts,” the report said. “If the vacancies aren’t there for President Biden to install his judicial nominees, and more vacancies are needed, then the obvious answer is to create the spots for him to fill.”

That leads directly to court-packing, which would involve Democrats adding to the number of judges, a move that would give Biden the opportunity to make many appointments.

And it warns “slow and steady” is not the key to winning this race, and Democrats will want to appoint as many and as quickly as possible. And while a good number of judges are eligible to retire, that ends up being their decision.

“If future vacancies are not in the realm of control, then that leaves very few alternatives. Here we come full-circle, right back to the scenario where Biden, Schumer and their Democratic allies do have some modicum of control to dictate the number of judges at their disposal: court-packing,” the report said.

“Or, calling it for what it really is, a coup attempt to overthrow our nation’s judiciary.”

“We can likely expect the threat to stage this brazen judicial coup to intensify over the next several months. (Biden’s alleged ‘impartial and bipartisan’ commission on the Supreme Court is underway and will deliver their recommendation for court ‘reform’ sometime in November),” the report said.

A video interview with legal scholar Patrick M. Garry on the issue:

The report explains the stages at issue are no less than the nation’s freedoms themselves.

Concern over the concept already has appeared in a bipartisan fashion, with Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, explaining, “Packing the Court means one very specific thing: expanding the number of justices to achieve a political outcome. It is wrong. It is an abuse of power.”

And Democrat Sen. Jon Ossoff said, “We shouldn’t expand the Supreme Court just because a justice may be confirmed with whom we disagree on policy.”

But Democrat operatives and activists, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., have demanded a court-packing plan, stating that “everything” is on the table.

The Institute reported, “In 2021, President Biden and far-Left members of the Democratic Party have an unquenchable thirst for unbridled power and control.

“Along with Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Durbin, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Raphael Warnock, Amy Klobuchar and others, they are conspiring to rig the Senate rules and stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices. And their rigged Court will help rubber-stamp their radical legislation (i.e. the ‘Equality’ Act or the ‘For the People Act’) and fundamentally change America,” the institute reported.

The roadblock for the agenda so far is the Senate filibuster, which requires 60 votes for legislation to move forward in the body that is divided 50-50 Democrat-Republican.

Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have voiced opposition to killing that procedure, but if it falls, Democrats, by virtue of Kamala Harris’ tie-breaker as vice president, could adopt any legislation they wanted.

If the coup succeeds, the Institute warned, the legitimacy of the Supreme Court could be undermined, the separation of powers would be lost, religious liberty would be gone, the high court would forever be politicized and court rulings would no longer have the confidence of the public, the report said.

Further, America soon would look like Venezuela or Argentina, where court coups were followed by political upheaval, economic chaos and social nightmares, the report charges.

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