Peter Schweizer: 1 way to fix Biden administration’s ties to Communist China

By Bob Unruh

President Joe Biden listens during a G7 Leaders’ virtual meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

China has disturbing links and influence in America’s political and economic power structure, and there’s one way to eliminate it: expose the players, according to author Peter Schweizer, who explained the problem in a column at the Gatestone Institute.

The president of Governmental Accountability Institute and author of “Profiles in Corruption” and “Clinton Cash” said the Chinese influence puts the Biden administration “in a bit of a bind.”

Right now, public opinion has shifted against China because of the COVID-19 epidemic, which appears to have originated in Wuhan, and “also because Americans are finally realizing how vulnerable and dependent on China we have become.”

He said, “The time-honored ruse by politicians in such a bind is to reverse Theodore Roosevelt’s advice by speaking loudly and carrying a small stick. Biden’s administration, whatever its rhetoric, does not seem prepared to do the real work. The evidence of foreign entanglements by its principal actors suggests that China continues to have the administration’s ear.

“If the Biden administration truly wants to counteract some of this dependence, it runs contrary to statements that Biden has made in the past, and contrary to some of the, let us say, entangling relationships that his most senior administration officials have relating to China. It would have to take on those entanglements, and those of some major campaign donors from both Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

“There is no other way to state this. The only way we can correct this situation is by exposing these people and showing U.S. citizens exactly what they are doing in our society. This is the job of responsible voices in the press, yet there is little evidence they are up to the challenge. Six years ago, the New York Times ran a 4,000-word front page story that confirmed the main assertions of the book, Clinton Cash. Yet, just before the 2020 election, the Times ran a piece by its ‘media reporter’ bragging about their role as gatekeepers that would not pursue the Hunter Biden story.”

He said a look into the past reveals a lot.

“If you go back to 2009-10 and look at the ‘shovel-ready’ stimulus package that President Barack Obama pushed through, as most people now know, there were huge amounts of money in the form of direct grants and loan guarantees that went to Solyndra and other ‘green energy’ companies that failed. Yet, the question remained: Where did all that taxpayer money go for green energy?” he wrote.

“If you trace it, you will find that 80 percent of that money went to green energy companies that were owned by individuals who sat on Barack Obama’s Finance Committee for his 2008 campaign.”

Now Obama’s former VP is in the Oval Office, and “another infrastructure package will include plenty of expenditures for more green schemes. Whether they work or whether they will simply raise our energy prices, the simple fact is that there are large, powerful donors to the Biden campaign that have big financial stakes in these green energy companies. It is a wealth transfer to Biden’s biggest bundlers, and that is a huge and massive problem.”

He said only this time, foreign cash is strategically involved, as “Former congressmen and senators, and former U.S. ambassadors are being paid large sums of money by governments such as China, or by firms directly linked to those governments, which do not have America’s best interest at heart.”

He explained the hope once was that closer commercial ties with China would influence the communist regime’s political system.

But, he explained, “The reverse happened. When you look at what China’s leader, President Xi Jinping, has done in the last seven years, China has become more repressive internally, more aggressive internationally, and more dangerous militarily.”

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