What if it’s really true, and it all happens in August?

By Craige McMillan

August slipped away into a moment in time
‘Cause it was never mine.

– Taylor Swift

The best mouths in the business have been telling us since Nov. 3, 2020, that Donald Trump and the Republicans lost the election, and that Joe Biden and the Democrats won. Early ballot returns showed Donald Trump coasting to reelection when he went to bed that night. Fox News was the first to upset the applecart and call the election for Joe Biden and the Democrats. The rest of our mouthy elitist betters followed soon thereafter.

The court systems, state and federal, told us that no one had standing to contest the election in court – not even other states. Dispute resolution between the states is precisely why the founders created the U.S. Supreme Court. Bush v. Gore seemed to have faded from the collective judicial memory.

Those very talented big-media mouths and the hidden interests they serve also told the rest of us to get over it. States certified their elections, appointed their electors and sent them to Washington, D.C., where they cast their electoral votes for president and vice president. Congress certified the election results.

No one but the people objected. A demonstration or an insurrection ensued, depending upon whether you believe the video, the network mouthpieces, or maybe the unreleased government surveillance video – or the people who were there. You can read a good summary here.

The question I’m asking is, what if there has always been fire in the midst of all the smoke being blown about by big media huffing and puffing, Big Tech censorship and big government “we’re gonna do it anyway” career civil servants?

Early in President Trump’s term of office, amidst a room full of military brass and their wives, Trump referred to that particular moment in time as, “The calm before the storm.” A reporter immediately followed up: “What storm, Mr. President?” The only response was, “You’ll find out.”

I’m ambivalent about Taylor Swift, but her song “August” was released on July 24, 2020. Her lyrics came up during a search for “August folklore.” The month itself is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus.

Since the 2020 election there have been persistent rumors (smoke) that the election was stolen through absentee ballots (expanded for use during COVID-19) and electronic voting machines. This evidence is said to consist of packet captures from voting machines (that were not supposed to be connected to the internet).

There is no question that packet capture is a real thing. The amount of data for an entire election would have been enormous, and would have required access points (to connect the equipment) and a way to sort through the packets coming and going throughout the election. My thought is that only the military or an intelligence agency could execute such an operation. Big Tech, possibly. Hackers? I’m dubious.

Having set the stage, let’s finally get to the real question. What happens if:

  • The U.S. election was stolen;
  • conclusive evidence to prove that it was stolen exists; and
  • our military or an intel agency gathered evidence of the real vote counts?

At that point, the calm before the storm will be over. The storm will be upon us.

And the storm is this: America becomes ungovernable by the Democrats now in Washington, D.C., and their appointees. States and big cities run by Democrats? I have no idea how things would go; probably a case-by-case basis. Longtime Democrat strongholds might survive, but I’m thinking some kind of receivership and a new local election. Think of this as a series of forced recall elections.

I alluded to the level of sophistication required to accomplish something like this with packet captures. If the evidence shows a foreign actor conspired to aid the Democrats in the presidential election, we’re looking at a period of military rule, not only nationally (D.C.) but in most large cities as well. This will have to happen while the bad actors are removed from their positions and punished for their crimes.

We also need to recognize that if the military has to do this, they still have to protect the nation in its entirety from foreign attack. The strain on those involved will be almost incomprehensible. Think opportunist enemies.

I’ve left the wild card until last. Don’t we as self-sufficient Americans always leave God until last? “Well, nothing else that we tried has worked. I guess we might as well pray.” God is the ultimate Wild Card.

Fortunately, there are many people among us who have been doing exactly that, for quite a long time. You don’t see them. You don’t know them. But they are there. Take a moment to thank God that they did what he asked, for as goes America, so goes the world.

Armageddon, the real story.

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