Tucker Carlson: Median age of death from COVID is older than average life expectancy

By Around the Web

(LIBERTY DAILY) – On the day that Joe Biden announced he was going to send government employees door-to-door to get everyone vaccinated, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid out some interesting facts about Covid-19.

“The data shows that the medium age of death for Covid is often older than life expectancy,” he said. “For real. If you want to get a sense at just how completely they have hyped this virus, turning it into something that the numbers show it is not, take a look, for example, at Ohio.”

He showed the medium age of death from Covid-19 in Ohio is 80 while the average life expectancy in the state is 73. That means that people dying from Covid lived longer than one can expect to live in the state without getting the disease. He continued to show numbers from other parts of the country as well as the United Kingdom. All of the numbers, including the national numbers, showed that throughout 2020 the medium Covid-19-attributed death was higher than what an average person can expect to live.

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