Democrats in one state actually ban election audits

By Bob Unruh

A 2020 presidential ballot featuring President Donald J. Trump against Joe Biden (Photo by Joe Kovacs)

Colorado, whose residents have reason to fear a long history of mass shootings, apparently won’t have one other concern over which to fret: those awkward election integrity audits, where experts recount ballots and issue a report giving voters confidence their system is accurate, and works.

From now on, according to rules being adopted by the state, voters can accept the results their election officials announce.

Or as an option, they can refer to the above rule.

Apparently, any third choice involves moving out of the state.

It’s Colorado Politics that is reporting Jena Griswold, the Democrat secretary of state in a state ruled by all Democrats, from the governor’s office to both houses of the legislature, and even into the judiciary, is “permanently adopting” rules she rolled out just months ago that will block – forever into the future – any “forensic audit” of election results conducted by a third party.

It was Colorado’s judiciary that was publicly scolded by the U.S. Supreme Court for its “hostility” to Christianity in the Jack Phillips-Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

Griswold, turning the issue into a political statement, accused those who have doubts about election results of continuing the “Big Lie,” as leftists have labeled President Trump’s concerns about vote fraud and system failure during the 2020 presidential race.

The facts are that only about 40,000 votes in three swing states gave the election to Joe Biden.

And the suspicious circumstances of the 2020 events appeared in those three states, and others.

Whether there was enough fraud – in an election leftist “fact-checkers” have claimed was clean as a whistle – to change the results isn’t known.

But what is known is that leftist election officials in a multitude of jurisdictions simply ignored or changed state law to accommodate the procedures they wanted during the COVID-19-limited election.

Actually, the Constitution only allows state lawmakers to make those changes.

Further, outside influences were obvious, with leftist Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook wealth handing out $350 million to mostly leftist election officials to help with “run” their offices.

Griswold claims audits of election results are “sham,” and banned county officials from allowing any access to any voting machines unless the individuals are doing work specified by the county – or Griswold.

“Fraudits have no place in Colorado,” she claimed online, apparently declining to acknowledge that there are circumstances that could make the verification of an election result important.

It was, after all, Hillary Clinton who has claimed ever since she lost in 2016 that the election wasn’t run honestly, that President Trump was an illegitimate president.

Griswold’s threat to counties is that she would decertify their machines, forcing local officials to come up with funding for new equipment.

A report at PJMedia pointed out the obvious: “Whether Colorado election fraud is a real problem or not will remain unknown, as the state’s George Soros-backed SecState will permanently ban Arizona-style third-party audits.”

It continued, “Left unsaid: Exactly how a third-party audit is either a sham or would put the state’s ‘election security’ at risk.”

The report described Griswold as a “former Barack Obama activist” who has received “generous” financial backing from the George Soros family.

“A recent poll showed that the overwhelming majority of American voters — 63% — actually ‘reject the Democrat narrative regarding a number of election integrity issues, over three-quarters indicating they support basic election integrity safeguards such as voter ID and signature verification,'” the report said.

“The fact is that Americans from both parties no longer trust our elections.”

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