Is it any wander? Biden gets lost at White House despite directions from Secret Service handler

By Bob Unruh

Joe Biden appears to be lost on the White House lawn on Aug. 10, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Joe Biden’s gaffes already are legend. Stand up, he once told a paralyzed member of the audience. And don’t forget the security you have, when threatened, after you take out a shotgun and fire two warning shots, which would leave the weapon unloaded.

Then there was the recent claim that came out of the blue that 350 million Americans were vaccinated for COVID. There aren’t that many.

But a new video shows he not only gets lost in his mind, he gets lost when he’s walking.

Into the White House.

On a sidewalk.

Where a Secret Service agent is directing him.

The Sun said Biden was walking at the White House after returning from Delaware.

The video shows Biden following agents up the lawn toward the White House, and an agent is seen pointing a finger, directing the president to turn right onto a sidewalk.

But he’s ignored, and the agent then has to scramble out of the president’s path as Biden marches off-route and onto the grass.

He trundled across the lawn on his “back route” to the residence, the Sun reported.

The reaction was one of alarm: Josh Barnett, running for Congress in Arizona, tweeted: “Go here – points where to go… Biden walks straight ahead.”

And former White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested that viewers watch that footage carefully.

The further question arose, too, about why a Secret Service agent had to point out the path to Biden, the Sun said.

The Western Journal noted, “Without audio or the ability to look into Biden’s brain, it is admittedly difficult to know why he decided to walk onto the grass instead of following the sidewalk. But given his track record, it is not unreasonable to add the incident to his long list of gaffes. At the very least, a Secret Service member apparently has to direct Biden to simply follow a sidewalk…”

Biden has been known for his verbal blunders for years, but just recently he forgot why he ran for president – talking about the three points, then mentioning only two.

He also mixed up Presidents Trump and Obama.

He also referred to the RAF as the RFA while he was in the U.K. for the G-7 summit, and claimed that the U.S. had had a war with Iran.

He also “wildly claimed” just weeks ago hospital beds across America will be overwhelmed by Alzheimer’s patients in just two decades, which fact-checkers said was unconnected to reality.

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