Woman attempted suicide 3 times after having abortion, thanks God for saving her life

By Around the Web

(LIFENEWS) – It has been 16 years since Spring aborted her unborn baby, and she still thinks about her child every day. Speaking with Live Action News, the Florida mother said she struggled for a long time with her abortion decision and attempted suicide three times. Then she found healing and forgiveness in Christ.

Spring aborted her unborn baby in 2005 while she was in an abusive relationship. Single and just 23, she said she knew abortion was wrong, but her boyfriend kept pressuring her. “I was afraid, and I felt like I had no other choice,” she said.

At the abortion facility, Spring said the staff was “very cold” and did not provide much counseling. They did not show Spring her unborn baby’s ultrasound image either; after the abortion, she found it stuck in her file, according to the report.

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