So what do we do – about Biden and mandatory vaccines?

By Joseph Farah

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

Conservatives are not the best people to think about things like grievances; they’re typically too busy working and raising their families.

They haven’t had much experience with grievances – but now we are lousy with them, facing new ones almost on a daily basis for the last nine months.

But I had the luxury, perhaps the foolishness, of contemplating grievances in the ’60s and early ’70s – and acted on them!

So here is my list of my suggestions and strategies to deal with Joe Biden and mandatory vaccines.

As you consider action to take, be sure not to do anything out of fear or hate. Just don’t give an inch to either – Biden or vaccines. If you haven’t been inclined to get a vaccine, don’t get one now. At least don’t be bullied into doing so.

That brings me to my list:

1. One idea is taking root under the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom in Minnesota, Idaho and Wisconsin with the “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign. One of the main focuses of the campaign is centered around the “reset” that is currently occurring between the United States government and its citizens. Twila Brase, president and founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, elaborated in her “Health Freedom Minute” that the vaccination mandates and associated bullying of those who choose not to get the shot are “a power grab in the name of public health.” You can participate with this group in many ways – network with them, support the billboard campaign by granting them space or finding some. You can reach them at

2. Get involved in the political opposition to Biden and his agenda – big time. The time is NOW! There’s a movement working to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, stolen, robbed, purloined. We know they did it – Joe Biden’s party. We know how they did it – the misuse of mail-in ballots, Big Tech chicanery and millions of just plain fake, phony, illegal votes. Do you believe Joe Biden won a landslide? Do you think he received a record number of valid votes – or do you believe Donald Trump did? You can get involved with people all over the country – or in your community – calling for VOTER INTEGRITY. It’s a gigantic movement! Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin and nearly every other state. It’s not just the the “battleground” states that suspect fraudulent results – we should be involved in ALL OF THEM! New York cheated. California cheated. We just caught on this time!

3. And here’s one you haven’t heard about before. I would just like a little credit for it before I die.

It’s called OCCUPY D.C. – and that’s what it is. Do you live near Washington? Do you care about keeping America free – or making it free from Biden and vaccinemania? Let’s get started peacefully occupying Washington. You can go anywhere you want, as long as it’s legal. Don’t go near the Capitol, though, until it is liberated. We should expect that after the mid-term elections Nov. 8, 2022 – just a little over a year from now.

So be prepared for going to Washington SOON! We don’t have much time. What do we do while we’re there and when do we go? ANY TIME. It’s always there. Do you have any time? That’s when you go. How much time? As much as you have. Do you think we can get a million people a day to win our freedom back? I think it’s possible. Why Washington? Because that’s where the bad guys are. But don’t confront them or go to the Capitol for any reason. It would be dangerous. They’re still trying to prosecute people who were invited into the Capitol by the police Jan. 6. One person was shot dead by the police and they call it an “insurrection.” So just be vocal and personable and take your American flag!

Although the weather is ideal now – let’s call for the official start of OCCUPY D.C. for Nov. 8, 2021. That gives us a year to occupy the city. We’ll start small and build up to millions who come and go as time permits. Consider it a vacation in the nation’s capital any time you want between Nov. 8, 2021, and Nov. 7, 2022 – because you have to get home to vote. I don’t have the speakers list, but I’m confident we can get some doozies. In fact, I’ll bet we get President Donald Trump at least once! I can’t organize this, but I bet we have people who live in Washington or nearby who will volunteer – big time!

You’re in on the ground floor of this amazing idea. After all, the beauty of the occupation idea is it’s the single city that certainly deserves occupation.

Any questions, I’m here to help – and WIN!

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