A BS-ing, science-illiterate bully is president … what could go wrong?

By Michael Schisler

Is it too much to ask for science literacy in government?

Joe Biden at least has somewhat of an excuse for being science illiterate. He’s pretty much fact illiterate in general, so expecting him to understand even basic science is a total non-starter.

As a lifelong professional BS-er in the Senate, command of the facts wasn’t a prerequisite for Joe. Neither was it a requirement for him holding office as vice president under Barack Obama. No, political life for Joe Biden has been one gigantic BS session devoid of any real command of the facts, so in all fairness we cannot expect Joe to have understanding now.

Obama told everyone that they should never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to screw things up. And love him or hate the guy, Barry was definitely right about old Joe. Obama saw that it came down to Joe’s inability to gain command of the facts.

Yes, our boy has made an entire career out of not understanding facts and instead chose the path of BS-ing and bullying his way about, all with a dash of bluster for good measure. It’s the only way Joe Biden is capable of operating.

The big difference now is that Joe has been empowered.

Gone are the days of his fact-devoid, dead wrong BS-ing in the Senate, followed by a vote that renders Joe’s ignorance benign.

Now all of Biden’s fact- devoid, dead wrong BS-ing becomes national policy, complete with the full gravity of its consequences.

Just like the world recently witnessed in Afghanistan.

And now we have our illustrious science-illiterate-in-chief talking about how “our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us” with respect to the so-called unvaccinated and issuing misguided and illegal mandates.

Anyone who does have command of the facts knows that there are two kinds of unvaccinated. Those who never had the disease and those who have recovered from it. And they understand the supreme importance of differentiating these classes in the context of epidemiology, be they unvaccinated or otherwise.

So, let’s be perfectly clear. Any person who lumps together those who have never had the disease with those who have recovered from it have zero credibility to speak on anything related to COVID-19 – especially when they’re shipping COVID positive illegals across the country with no plan to even quarantine them, much less vaccinate the rest of them.

But at least our science-illiterate president does receive COVID advice from the scientific community. The problem is that most of it is coming from one Anthony Fauci.

And when we hear Anthony talking about the unvaccinated (except for the illegals of course), and failing to make the critical differentiation between never infected and recovered, we know old “A-game” is simply spreading disinformation in order to facilitate science illiteracy among both the general masses and, more importantly, the fact-challenged president.

Fauci does this just so he can say whatever goofy things he wants about other things, like gain of function research for instance, and receive a parroting chorus of affirmation from those too fact-illiterate to understand that Fauci is exploiting them for political cover. Sadly, the exploited includes Joe Biden and U.S. attorney general.

Chalk it up to yet more extraordinarily poor judgment on Anthony Fauci’s part, to go along with his extraordinarily poor judgment in funding the Wuhan lab’s gain of function research and then lying to Congress about it while under oath.

And Fauci’s extraordinarily poor judgment in claiming that gain of function research is worth the price of a pandemic, no matter how much worse it gets.

And Fauci’s extraordinarily poor judgment in not pushing monoclonal antibody treatments until hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths occurred while those treatments sat on the shelf for months and months and months.

And Fauci’s extraordinarily poor judgment in quashing internationally proven early treatment regimens for COVID using existing drugs.

And Fauci’s extraordinarily poor judgment in helping rush not fully tested gene therapies labeled “vaccine” that have caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths, have unknown long-term consequences and frankly don’t work very well. All while helping FDA slow walk a plethora of traditional-technology COVID vaccinations.

And if all of these things aren’t extraordinarily poor judgment on Fauci’s part, about the only thing we’re left with is criminal sadistic psychopathy, so take your pick.

And you know what? People who do have command of the facts are well beyond the point of our “patience wearing thin” with both Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci.

People see that the career BS-er is quacking all of this tripe about vaccine mandates knowing it’s illegal and will get struck down.

And people see that he’s doing it anyway because he’s banking on his administration being able to drag it out in court for way longer than most people can drag out refusing to get jabbed or lose their jobs.

And people see that its Anthony Fauci goading him on every step of the way.

The problem is that since Joe Biden is science illiterate. He has no clue that he’s actually making the COVID problem worse. Just look at Israel and Gibraltar. They tell us everything we need to know about the endpoint of near universal vaccination using mRNA or vectored DNA technology.

In these relatively isolated societies, the disease has worsened. More people are hospitalized and dying now than ever, and they are all vaxxed with this technology.

But Biden hasn’t just made the COVID problem worse, he’s also made the legal and political landscapes much worse for himself and his allies. So at least there’s this silver lining in Joe’s larger-than-life screw-ups.

In deploying OSHA to enforce his vaccine mandates, Joe Biden has just set in motion the formation of entire classes within each company that foolishly chooses to capitulate to Biden’s illegal mandate – as in class-action lawsuits when employees are injured by the vaccine and then get covid anyway from coworkers who also took the jabs and also got sick.

Yes, Joe Biden has just set up the bosses of corporate America to become the liability bag holders of his illegal mandates, probably having no idea that’s what he just did.

Corporate bankruptcies. Shareholders out for blood. Employees out for heads on platters. Personal bankruptcies. Incarcerations. Destruction of reputations. Hard-earned legacies lying in ruins.

It’s all coming to those at the top of the corporate food chain who foolishly choose to screw up just like Joe screws up. And good luck to anyone whose defense is going to be “I just did what Biden and CDC said.”

It’ll take a while for all of the chips to fall where they will, but what is about to unfold on the legal and political fronts will be epic.

Let’s just say that science illiteracy and lack of command of the facts in the midst of a pandemic carry a very, very steep price for both politician and corporate boss alike.

And let’s just say that the price of exceptionally poor judgment is much, much higher yet. Whether you are Anthony Fauci or you are a corporate board member.

Massive lawfare and political consequence shall now commence on a scale never before seen in this nation, all because Joe Biden doesn’t have command of the facts.

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