Newest mask threat to adults: Make kids wear them or face jail

By Bob Unruh

Colorado, in the last 10 or 15 years or so, has turned into a haven for leftist extremism.

Its lawmakers, after all, were in the lead in setting up a marijuana industry that still is illegal under federal law. Pick a president by the Constitution? Not for Coloradans who voted to reject that idea. And its governor? He installed a “first gentleman” in the governor’s mansion.

Lawmakers there adopted a long list of “fees” when voters limited tax hikes. Simply create a tax but called it a “fee.” Under the thinking, if that’s what it is, of lawmakers, Colorado residents must pay a “fee” for a bridge that he or she never uses, but an out-of-state trucker who hauls millions of pounds of freight across that bridge is exempted.

The results are from a “unified” government, where the governor’s office and both legislative houses are dominated by Democrats. And don’t forget the state’s leftist judiciary, which was openly scolded by the Supreme Court for its leftist “hostility” to Christians.

So it would surprise no one the state has advanced the pro-vaccine mandate agenda probably further than anyone: by threatening jail for those who don’t make sure children in schools are masked up.

The situation has drawn a lawsuit already.

A local CBS affiliate is reporting the dispute arose after the superintendent of Littleton’s school system recently “told the school board … they could be held criminally liable for not enforcing the mask mandate.”

Now, “Some parents are suing Tri-County Health Department over its mask mandate. At issue is whether teachers and administrators can be arrested, charged and prosecuted, not only if they don’t wear masks themselves in school, but if their students don’t wear masks,” the report said.

The report noted the health department has threatened those educators who “don’t enforce the mandate,” with a “class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.”

“I’m not an anti-masker. I support anything that we can do. What I am against is abusing the power of teachers against their will, against the will of the children and against the will of people,” Tara Kohl, whose son is a third-grader in Parker, told the station.

She and other parents have launched the lawsuit because “teachers at her son’s school refused to let him inside unless he wore a mask,” the report said.

“He was humiliated in front all of them. My son was cowering in the corner in tears, covering his face,” Kohl explained.

The concept of forcing teachers, under threat of punishment, to be law enforcement, is “inappropriate,” she said.

Attorney George Brauchler filed the lawsuit, charging that the action is illegal.

“The idea that we’re going to convert parents and teachers into enforcers of this order at the risk of their own liberty, that’s not American. We are now threatening people with the strongest powers government has, to lock you up and take away your liberty, to get them to comply,” he told the station.

The 19th Judicial District Attorney, John Kellner, conceded the possibility of charges is there, but he hasn’t any requests for cases yet.

The health department responded with a statement that admitted the “law does set penalties for public health order violations,” but schools largely are “successfully implementing the mask order.”

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