Ol’ Joe will be their scapegoat: A prediction by ‘Lesco Brandon’

By Scott Lively

The inside secret to politics is that a great many of the major players whose faces we all know (and love or loathe) have “owners” in the same way professional athletes do. This phenomenon can be observed not just in politics, but in every field of human endeavor. The super-rich use their money and power to collect stables of talented, controllable people and deploy them on whatever field of play that interests them, in competition with other “owners.” Think Hollywood in the 1930 and ’40s vis-a-vis the “ownership” of actors by the competing movie studios.

Joe Biden has always been owned by the oligarchs who operate the Blue League. As a reliable team player, his level of competence has obviously mattered less than his obedience and loyalty. Like most assets of his type, he has been rewarded by being allowed to plunder the public trough in usual ways and to exploit and extort those seeking favors from American policymakers, including foreign business interests. His lifetime of service to this system of organized crime paid off big time when he was tapped for VP under Obama and given extensive piracy rights in Ukraine.

Biden’s closest equivalent in the Red League is arguably Paul Ryan, who, like Mitt Romney (the Red League’s Hillary), is an asset of the Bush Dynasty in a way that Biden is an asset of the Clintons. Or perhaps Biden might more accurately be called an asset of the Massachusetts Kennedys, who had the muscle to force Hillary to step aside for Obama in 2008. It’s hard to identify the actual relationships from the outside, especially when the key players with control of the dynastic money and political machinery aren’t necessarily visible to the public like Ted Kennedy was. (I don’t think its any accident that A-List asset Obama “retired” to the Kennedy Grand Duchy of Martha’s Vineyard).

The one inarguable fact is that B-List Biden is somebody’s stooge.

Going into the 2018 mid-terms, I believe the elites’ longer-term plan for the 2020 presidential election was a Blue and Red “Massachusetts Strategy” to put Democrat senior Sen. Elizabeth Warren (a Kennedy asset) in the White House and RINO Gov. Charlie Baker (a Bush/Romney asset) in her Cabinet. The key was ensuring Baker and Warren won landslide victories in 2018 while personifying bipartisan camaraderie. Then, with the media holding out Massachusetts as the model for bipartisan harmony, Baker would run against Trump in the 2020 primary as the “voice of Republican reason” (the role former Massachusetts Gov. Romney was forced to play instead, much less effectively).

Then (Trump’s primary victory being a foregone conclusion) Baker would campaign for Warren. But my 36.1% primary showing against Baker killed the media campaign to lionize him as the “most popular governor in America,” and Trump’s lethal and relentless “Pocahontas” mockery of Warren made her a national laughingstock. The Massachusetts Strategy thus died on the vine.

President Trump then proceeded to demolish the Democratic bench, one by one, until only Obama heir Joe Biden appeared to stand any chance against him (a public perception made possible only through massive media deceit and grossly rigged polling). In the end the Purple Uniparty had to cheat on a scale never before seen in world history to make Biden the putative president. They were forced to fall back to Plan B.

If their Plan A Massachusetts Strategy had worked, the globalists’ transition to a one-world government would have been relatively smooth and easy. It would have been even easier if Hillary had won in 2016. But they knew Plan B was never going to be clean; it was going to require a messy collapse of the old order to force the increasingly rebellious world populace to submit. Someone would have to take the blame. And so Biden’s final sacrifice for the team was to play himself as “Dementia Joe” through the collapse (part 1 of the Great Reset), and then go out with a dramatic finish as “Joey the Scapegoat,” making way for the globalist false messiah (my money is on Obama) to step in and save the day (part 2).

On Feb. 5, 2020, I predicted Joe Biden would be the Dems’ candidate against Trump. And I’ve long predicted that Joe will be the scapegoat for whatever goes wrong.

Obama himself pretty much telegraphed Biden’s usefulness as a scapegoat. As quoted in Politico during the primary, “One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.'” I hypothesized during the Afghanistan debacle that the elites might stage a Biden stroke during a staged hostage crisis (a la Benghazi) as part of an Obama return-to-power strategy.

With over 300 abandoned Americans still under Taliban control, that’s still a viable possibility, but based on factors existing today I think the most likely “Great Reset” scenario is a 2021/22 winter collapse followed by a spring recovery that features Biden’s removal. I explain my reasoning in this column.

Anyone but Joey the Scapegoat would suffer severe consequences for screwing things up so colossally – even for what he has already done, let alone what comes next – but as I said in my Afghan hypothesis:

“My guess is that the Hollywood scriptwriter helping Barack Obama design his return-to-power strategy wants to give Joe – ever the faithful Waterboy for the Uniparty – a tragic exit designed to maximize public sympathy for him now and in the history books. … [Plus] whatever consequences and culpability there might be for the election fraud emerging from the shower of evidence that’s about to begin, could be deflected to Biden as well, along with the mantra ‘but hey, hasn’t the poor guy suffered enough?'”

The concept of the “scapegoat” is from Leviticus 16, describing a Yom Kippur ritual in which two goats are chosen by lot for sacrifice. One was killed as a sacrifice to the Lord while the other, the “scapegoat,” was designated to bear all the sins of the Hebrews into the wilderness (where it was pushed off a cliff so as not to wander back into camp), so that the people could be seen as righteous on that annual Day of Atonement.

Joe Biden is the intended scapegoat for the sins of all the traitors and co-conspirators in the election coup and unfolding collapse, chosen precisely because he is a feeble and senile old man who “shouldn’t be punished” and won’t realize what’s happening to him if he is. It is really up to we the people, however, to accept or reject any scapegoat, and so I say we reject Joey the Scapegoat and go after the ones actually to blame.

The bottom line is that Biden is a just figurehead, and I stake my very name on it: Lesco Brandon.

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