Watch little girls sing promise – to die for Palestine

By Bob Unruh

What could be more cute than two little girls, dressed in their best, singing to a relative who is having, or in this case doing, hard time?

Unless, of course, those little girls are singing promises to die for Palestine.

The video clip appeared on the site of the Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors reports from the Middle East, and comments on them.

The lyrics the girls sing includes:

In the name of freedom we’ll sacrifice our lives
In the name of freedom we’ll sacrifice our lives
Palestine is Arab, Palestine is Arab, O land of struggle
We don’t forget your land, O Palestine
And whoever attacks, their life is in my hands, their life is in my hands

The report explains their relative is Khaled al-Baseti, a Palestinian terrorist from East Jerusalem who stabbed and wounded four Israeli civilians in the Israeli town of Ra’anana in 2015.

PMW reported, “For decades, Palestinian Media Watch has documented the PA policy to encourage children to become ‘Martyrs’ and sacrifice themselves for Palestine. One striking example of this PA child abuse is the following poem recited by a young girl, in which a mother tells her son that he is ‘meant for Martyrdom,’ and that “Our weapon is our Islam, and our ammunition is our children.”

The mother tells her son, in that poem, “Jerusalem is ours, our weapon is our Islam, and our ammunition is our children. And you, O my son, are meant for Martyrdom.”

Explained PMW, “What could be more damaging than the PA’s constant brainwashing of Palestinian children and adults that ‘Martyrdom’ is good, prestigious and what Allah desires?”

The girls were among well-wishers who sent al-Baseti greetings on the occasion of his wedding anniversary.

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