International Criminal Court probing Biden’s drone strike that killed children

By Bob Unruh

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the situation in Afghanistan, Monday, August 16, 2021 in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the situation in Afghanistan, Monday, August 16, 2021 in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

The International Criminal Court on Tuesday notified American attorney Larry Klayman it is adding allegations against President Joe Biden to its existing investigation into alleged criminal activity in Afghanistan.

Just months ago, Biden ordered the abrupt pullout of Americans, triggering a terrorist attack that killed a number of Americans as well as many Afghans. He also, through his orders, left behind to be controlled by the terrorists in the Taliban hundreds of Americans and many more Afghan allies.

Also, billions of dollars worth of American war machinery including high-tech drones, helicopters and rocketry, that now is in the possession of the terror group.

And he ordered a drone strike that killed civilians, including seven children.

“As you may know, pursuant to the preliminary examination of the situation in Afghanistan, the prosecutor concluded that the statutory criteria established by the Rome Statute for the opening of an investigation were met,” said a letter signed by Mark P. Dillon, the head of the Information & Evidence Unit for the prosecutor.

“On 20 November, 2017, the prosecutor requested a authorization from the pre-trial chamber to open an investigation into the situation in Afghanistan. Such authorization was subsequently granted, on appeal, on 5 March 2020 and the investigation commenced immediately thereafter.

“The authorized investigation encompasses relevant crimes allegedly committed on the territory of Afghanistan on or after 1 May 2003, the date on which the Rome Statute entered into force for Afghanistan, as well as other alleged crimes that have a nexus to the armed conflict in Afghanistan and are sufficiently linked to the situation and were committed on the territory of other state parties in the period since 1 July 2002.”

The information submitted by Klayman, who runs Freedom Watch, “will be added to our collection of information, analyzed and transmitted to the relevant staff members of the office for appropriate action.”

Klayman, who also founded Judicial Watch and has served as a Justice Department prosecutor, named Biden, Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie “for crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated against civilians, including seven children, who they murdered in a drone attack after Afghanistan surrendered to Taliban, al-Qaida and ISIS terrorists,” he explained in a statement.

The children were killed when a drone attack that was supposed to target terror activity instead hit a family.

Klayman also has conducted a citizens’ grand jury on the issue.

“It’s time, as I write in my new book, ‘It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!’, that the American people rise up and take back the corrupt legal system which allows persons like Biden and his generals to get off scot free. Here, they have committed heinous murderous crimes against innocent civilians including seven now dead children, all for public relations and other nefarious reasons after 13 brave American servicemen, and hundreds of Afghans were killed needlessly at Kabul Airport. Biden is not above the law, and he will and must pay legally for what he did!” Klayman said in a statement.

A video in which Klayman discusses the issue:

Klayman’s complaint cites the “Reaper” drone missile strike ordered by Biden in Kabul, and accuses Biden of “indiscriminately launching lethal military attacks on civilian populations.”

It also charges that the defendants violated international treaties and international law and obligations. And it pointed out the ICC has determined that an investigation may be conducted “even though the United States of America is not a member acceding to the Rome Treaty.”

The original complaint cites “crimes against humanity,” including “murder” and “extermination,” war crimes such as “willful killing” and “causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or health.”

“Here, the actions by the defendants are not legitimate military actions because the defendants created the chaos and danger that resulted in them killing non-combatant civilians, particularly seven children,” it said.

Part of the problem was the “incompetent panic-like and panic-creating poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan,” it said.

“Had the U.S. military been allowed to carry out a normal evacuation placing the lives of civilians first, including U.S. citizens, U.S. ‘green card’ holders (lawful permanent residents), Afghan national employees, vendors, or contractors of the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan and of the U.S. military in Afghanistan as de facto extensions of the U.S. government operations in Afghanistan, their family members, and others whom U.S. refugee and asylum laws might seek to protect and evacuate, the grace and untenable conditions around the Hamid Karzai international airport in Kabul would never have occurred.”

It accuses Biden of being “accustomed to being re-elected and (in his mind) adored without any serious challenge to his political career. … As a result, Biden has never been able to mentally consider that he has ever made a mistake or give pause and caeful reflection before making a new mistake.”

That resulted in the summertime crisis in Afghanistan, it charges.

And in order to bolster his own “retreat,” Biden ordered “the shooting of a deadly missile from a flying drone into a crowd.”

“The murder of a family and others totaling 10 dead civilians including 7 children cannot be justified as part of an on-going war or threat because the defendants lacked – and knew that they lacked – the intelligence capability to determine whether or not they were striking the innocent family of an aid worker…” Freedom Watch said.

That confirmation even came from McKenzie, who confirmed the drone strike was a “mistake” that left “an innocent aid worker and nine members of his family” dead.

While the military thought it was targeting a terrorist, it actually took aim at “an aid worker who had filled his car with water jugs, rather than explosives.”

The ICC specifically thanked Freedom Watch for the information it has submitted, “as well as any subsequent related information, concerning the situation in Afghanistan.”

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