Election official caught on video talking about ‘re-creating’ election data

By Bob Unruh

President Donald J. Trump greets guests on the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, prior to boarding Marine One en route to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, to begin his trip to Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Nevada. (Official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)
President Donald J. Trump greets guests on the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, prior to boarding Marine One en route to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, to begin his trip to Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Nevada. (Official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Elections officials in Pennsylvania have been caught on video discussing how to go about “re-creating” data because of a legal request for information and documentation about the 2020 presidential race process, a new report charges.

Margot Cleveland at the Federalist explains she obtained a copy of the video showing James Savage, who was chief custodian and voting machine warehouse supervisor for the Delaware County Voting Machine Department during the November 2020 election.

He discusses with another official, who is blocked from the camera’s view, a “Right to Know Request” for information about the election, and he asks about “re-creating data.”

“The individual off-camera chimes in with his suggested approach that would entail recreating results for ‘these jokers,’ and ‘then create another set for the next set of jokers’ — an apparent reference to the individuals who filed the Right-to-Know request — ‘but we cut it up and then we create a permanent record,’ he explains,” she reports.

“‘Here you go, here you go,’ the election official is heard saying, mimicking what they could say as they provide the ‘jokers’ the supposedly official election-data documentation. The unseen individual then continues, ‘We scan those cut, copied sheets in,'” she reported.

Cleveland, a senior contributor at the publication and a former law clerk for a federal appellate judge, earlier reported that whistleblower video showed Pennsylvania election workers talking about how to hide “derogatory” information about the 2020 election management.

The 2020 presidential was clouded by a series of events that cast doubt over the integrity of the election. One factor was that various state officials arbitrarily changed state laws to accommodate mail-in ballots which favored Joe Biden and another included various efforts by legacy and online media to suppress negative information about Biden and his family just days before the election.

Also there was the $420 million that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook turned over to local elections officials with instructions mostly that they recruit voters from Democrat districts.

Outside analysts have revealed that either of the last two factors could have easily changed the outcome of the race and installed Biden in the White House.

Cleveland’s new report explains the video:

One official brags a local Democrat district attorney “owes him,” she confirmed.

“These recordings represent the latest evidence of the alleged fraud officials in the Pennsylvania county undertook to hide widespread violations of the state’s election laws, according to a source familiar with the recordings,” the report explained.

It is whistleblower Regina Miller, who was employed by contract for Delaware County, who secretly recorded the behind-the-scenes videos of election officials after witnessing concerning conduct, sources told Cleveland.

A lawsuit linked to the videos already has alleged county election officials destroyed election data in response to a May 21, 2021, Right to Know Request seeking the final certified return sheets from the election.

The earlier video documented by Cleveland “captured Delaware County officials destroying election material or blocking out ‘derogatory’ information in the copies made in response to the Right to Know Request,” the report said.

“The latest video captures two election officials discussing putting in ‘blank’ V-drives, which are the thumb drives that record the results from election machines, to recreate the election results reported by the county,” she reported.

Savage states, “The first part has a lot of work, but it might save us work in the long run, if it’s gonna be a drip, drip, drip.”

The two then discuss the process.

Cleveland reported, “I sought comment from the attorney who represents Savage in a defamation action the Delaware County official filed against two local poll watchers, as well as Trump and his legal team. Savage, who had filed his lawsuit before news broke that a whistleblower had recorded closed-door conversations, did not answer whether he intended to continue with that defamation claim nor why was there a need to recreate election data.”

She added, “The videos featuring Savage are particularly concerning because the Delaware County Return Board, in transmitting its report to the Delaware County Board of Election, singled out Savage and his staff for ‘his guidance and help,’ in the Return Board’s November 2020 reconciliation project. Also troubling was the Return Board’s inability to reconcile the election results for 79 precincts within Delaware County, including issues with some precincts that involved inconsistencies between the list of voters and the county return sheets, with the Return Board referring those precincts to Delaware County D.A. Stollsteimer.”

Her earlier report showed election workers in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, talking about hiding information about the election from the public.

Cleveland reported one video reveals men identified by a source as Delaware County election official James Ziegelhoffer and Delaware County lawyer Tom Gallagher.

They are looking through a box of “return sheets” and the man identified as Gallagher said, “When we Xerox these return sheets there are notes on these return sheets and we are going to have to cover them over with paper. Somebody wrote on there ‘this is an outrageous example.'”

Cleveland reported, “The two then finger through the return sheets, appearing to discuss the markings, with Gallagher heard saying, ‘Okay that’s fine. But you know what I’m saying, ‘refused to come in,” an apparent reference to a note he wanted covered when copies were made in response to the Right to Know request.”

The report explained The Federalist previously had seen other videos, including those with “troubling conduct.”

A county official declined to comment on the videos.

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