Forget Joe Biden: Look who’s ‘positioning’ to be Dems’ presidential nominee in 2024

By Bob Unruh

The White House is illuminated in gold light in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021. (Official White House photo by Erin Scott)
The White House is illuminated in gold light in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021. (Official White House photo by Erin Scott)

Twice-failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton went on television just days ago to explain she thinks President Donald Trump will run for the White House again in 2024.

And, she threatened, if voters put him in the Oval Office again, it “could be the end” of American democracy.

In an interview on NBC she said, “If I were a betting person, right now I’d say Trump is going to run again. He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he’s not held accountable, he gets to do it again.”

Her sudden interest in the 2024 race came just days after she appeared on video reading a portion of the “victory” speech that she never delivered when she lost the 2016 race. (She years ago lost a Democrat primary to Barack Obama.)

At National File, a report explained Clinton “fought back tears as she read the five-year-old victory speech she had planned to deliver before being soundly defeated by 45th President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.”

She read part of the speech during an interview that was to promote her videos, which she plans to sell online.

She explained how the speech included that she would be the first woman president.

In the excerpt about the speech, she references her mother, who died several years ago, “I dream of going up to her, and sitting down next to her, taking her in my arms, and saying, ‘Look at me, listen to me, you will survive, you will have a good family of your own, and three children, and as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the United States.'”

Now, columnist Robert Spencer at PJMedia raised the question about why was the speech being promoted, and her interest in the 2024 race was suddenly appearing.

Spencer explained, “Considering the fact that Hillary is one of the most artificial and calculating human beings on the planet, the question must be asked: Why now? Hillary has had over four years to release this speech, of which she is clearly proud. What is different about the situation today that led her to inflict this speech on an unwitting world?”

He noted, “Former Trump adviser and current Gettr CEO Jason Miller has an answer: Hillary is positioning herself to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2024.”

Hillary Clinton (DNC video screenshot)
Hillary Clinton (DNC video screenshot)

Spencer wrote, “By the time the 2024 election rolls around, Hillary will be 77, but Joe Biden, if he is still with us as much as he is now, will be nearly 82, and Kamala Harris will still be as obviously unfit to be president of the United States as she is now, even if by then she has served some time (heaven help us) in the Oval Office. The Democrat bench, as Stacey Lennox recently detailed, is even weaker. So why not Hillary? After all, she maintains that she won the election in 2016 in the first place; she clearly believes that she can defeat Trump (if he is indeed the Republican nominee, and again, in her view) in 2024.”

The column pointed out the weakness of the Democrat Party.

“A new poll has a humiliatingly low 22% of Americans and 37% of Democrats wanting Biden to run again in 2024; meanwhile, only 12% (and 16% of Democrats) want Kamala Harris to be the Democrats’ standard-bearer in the next presidential election. And who comes after that? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who enjoyed a long unannounced vacation as the supply chain crisis spiraled out of control? Gavin Newsom, the authoritarian governor of the California SSR? Stacey Abrams, who worked against the people of her own state for the sake of woke posturing against Georgia’s voter integrity law?”

Spencer noted Miller’s conclusion that the recent video of her victory speech was “all about gaming 2024.”

Miller said, “Hillary’s trying to humanize herself and inject herself into the 2024 presidential discussion. That’s all it is. Let’s just be brutally crass and direct about it. The fact of the matter is that Crooked [Hillary] is circling around Joe Biden almost like a buzzard looking at the carcass on the ground, saying, ‘It’s not going to be Joe Biden, it’s not going to be Kamala Harris. How can I go and insert myself into this national discussion and remind people that I’m still here?'”

Miller explained he believes Clinton gave herself away by insisting her speech captures who she is and what she believes, and “what my hopes were for the kind of country that I want for my grandchildren.”

“Why would the kind of country that Hillary wants for her grandchildren and for the world be of anything except mild historical interest unless she intends once again to attempt to impose her vision on the rest of us from the Oval Office?” he said.

Spencer wrote, “As my PJ Media colleague Chris Queen noted, Hillary ‘might be the least self-aware person in history.’ She was never held accountable for her misuse of classified information on her email server or for her mismanagement and coverup of the Benghazi jihad attack in which four Americans were killed. Yet she recently had the audacity to proclaim: ‘We have to hold people accountable for their actions, particularly when those actions threaten our way of life, our rule of law, our future as a democracy.'”

He warned, “It may be that at this point, the woman and the moment have met. As Biden and Harris continue to make a hash of things, the Democrats may ultimately conclude that Hillary is their best choice for 2024. One thing seems certain: Hillary Clinton’s all-encompassing ambition will ensure that she can never be completely counted out for a presidential run as long as she is still drawing breath.”

Jason Lemon wrote at Newsweek that poll numbers for Biden and Harris both have plunged in recent weeks, amid their so-far failed economic plans, inflation that is injuring millions of Americans, the catastrophic pullout of American troops from Afghanistan, the crisis at the southern border, and more.

“Miller, who maintains close ties to Trump, predicted in October that Democrats would pick someone else to run in 2024. He also has repeatedly said he believes Trump will seek another term in the next presidential election,” Newsweek reported.

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