Hospital held in contempt for denying patient prescribed ivermectin

By Bob Unruh

A hospital in Warrenton, Virginia, has been held in contempt by a court that had authorized the use of ivermectin treatment for a COVID patient there, according to a report from Just the News.

It was Fauquier Health that was ordered to provide the dose authorized by the court by 9 p.m. on Monday or it could be fined.

The report explained the hospital reportedly agreed to comply – following a week of arguing with the court.

“But it was unclear as of Tuesday morning whether the patient received the prescription,” the report said.

Health-care providers disagree over the effectiveness of ivermectin, with some health officials condemning it as totally useless, while the CDC recommends its use for refugees coming to America, as WND reported. However, multiple studies have documented how its use reduces the hospitalization and death rates from COVID.

According to Just the News, the patient is Kathy Davies, and she was hospitalized in October and placed on a ventilator last month.

Her husband, Donald, and the couple’s children, have been fighting for several weeks for her to get the ivermectin treatment.

Doctors there simply refused, so the family hired a legal team, and the court hearing the case said the patient had the right to try Ivermectin, or another drug, if it was prescribed by her doctor.

But when one of Kathy’s sons and a registered nurse arrived to administer the shot, which had, in fact, been prescribed by a doctor, the hospital barred their entry.

What resulted was a claim to the court that the hospital behaved unreasonably, and should be ruled in contempt of court.

The report confirmed, “Judge James. P. Fisher, of the 20th Judicial Court of Virginia, agreed with the arguments presented by the Davies family attorney and ruled to hold the hospital in contempt of court and compel the $10,000 a day fines, which could be applied retroactively beginning Dec. 9. The hospital, at this point, complied and allowed the Ivermectin to be administered to the long-suffering patient.”

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