Pray for WND in the new year!

By Joseph Farah

You know what Donald Trump accomplished as our 45th president.

I would say he has been a Godsend to America.

But there are powerful forces still trying to eliminate his influence, even bring him down.

It’s the same with WND. Beginning with the president’s victory in 2016, WND and others in the independent media have faced a scorched-earth assault on our traffic and revenues from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, et al. – the Speech Code Cops, the Digital Cartel, the most powerful media monopoly on the planet.

How did they do it? As the internet’s gatekeepers, they have developed power through search engine technology and social media technology to starve us of traffic, most of which comes through their portals. They have also starved us of advertising revenues, of which they control at least 75% in the digital marketplace – leaving us with the scraps.

Why did they do it beginning in January 2017? It was an effort to go after Trump by attacking media that were fair to him or supportive to him, to hinder his sweeping policy changes and deprive him of reelection in 2020, if they couldn’t see him impeached and removed from office before that.

How did it affect us? In 2016, WND had over $10 million in revenues – about average over our first 20 years as an advocate, a champion of the free expression we had seen and experienced. In 2017, following the attacks on us, that number dropped to $6 million. But in 2018, that number dropped to an astonishing $2 million! Now it hovers around $1 million, leaving us for dead.

Can you imagine what that would do to any company? Most of our staff is gone. We’re struggling to survive. But we are determined to do so, no matter how tough the challenge is.

In the wake of this attack, we didn’t roll over and play dead.

We’ve been around now for nearly 25 years. Once the only like-minded, conservative, openly Christian site on the internet, and one of the largest, we made the most of our revenues. We established strict discipline and have done something unimaginable to us when we began: We beg for money, via a tax-deductible solution Big Tech can’t touch – the WND News Center. It has become a Godsend for us.

Because Google has declared war on WND, demonetizing us, demeaning us and using its power to obliterate us, we would not be able to survive without the center.

Almost every digital media company now relies on direct donations from its subscribers and visitors to make it in this new environment – where Google and Facebook and Amazon are raking in all the profits and deliberately starving those they don’t like.

Today I’m not just asking for your financial contributions, I’m asking for your fervent prayers. Because this is very much a SPIRITUAL WAR, not just a matter of corrupt, politically motivated crony monopoly capitalism at its worst.

We at WND serve a Power higher than this cartel. And we ask for your prayers to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Jesus of Nazareth, the One and Only Mediator and the Coming King.

Will you do that for us starting today, if you have not already joined us in this effort?

Here’s how you can help us in these most desperate times:

  • Keep yourself informed with our acclaimed monthly magazine, Whistleblower.

Thank you and bless you.

And Merry Christmas!

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