Will KC’s new ‘Racial Equity Office’ tackle the Chiefs?

By Jack Cashill

“The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council,” reads a much too proud press release, “has accepted a $129,511 grant awarded by Health Forward Foundation to support the establishment of an Office of Racial Equity and Reconciliation and to establish an Equity Task Force to help the city achieve racial equity.”

As defined and widely understood, “Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.” By contrast, “Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities.”

“Equity,” of course, is part of the DEI package – diversity, equity and inclusion. What those three words means in concert is anyone’s guess. It may not be coincidence, however, that “DEI” is Latin for “gods.”

Of the two organizations that most publicly represent Kansas City to the world, one has a huge equity problem that no one dares address. I speak here of the Kansas City Chiefs, a participant in the last two Super Bowls and winner of one.

On the equity front, the town’s baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, does much better. Of the 28 players on its roster – true, all male, none disabled – the racial bean counters would classify 17 as white, 9 Hispanic, and two black.

Using the nation at large as the equity barometer – and ignoring for a moment the frankly unpardonable exclusion of women and the disabled – the Royals match up reasonably well with expected outcomes.

Non-Hispanic whites make up 60.1% of the nation’s population and 60.7% of the Royals roster. Hispanics make up 18% of Americans and 32% of the Royals. Blacks make up 13% of Americans and 7% of Royals.

The Chiefs are another story altogether, a much sadder one. Hispanics may make up 18% of America’s population, but there is not a single Latino on the Chiefs. There are no Asians either, not even a Samoan, the otherwise most overrepresented group in the NFL

Whites may make up 60% of the American population, but only 30% of the Chiefs. At 68% of the roster, blacks are overrepresented by a factor of five.

The team also has one known biracial player, the quarterback, what’s-his-name? And if the Chiefs have a gay player, he/she/zhe has not yet come out of the locker room.

If it is essential that cohorts of firefighters, airline pilots and even doctors achieve “equity,” how, one wonders, can Kansas City turn its back on the Chiefs’ flagrant disregard of the city’s equity ambitions?

True, in Colombia, team captain Andrés Escobar was gunned down for scoring an “own goal” during an important soccer game, but in America, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever died from a dropped pass, a fumble, or even a missed field goal as time expired.

People have died, however, from plane crashes, mishandled fires and botched operations caused by less than competent people who got their jobs to satisfy the DEI gods, goddesses and other non-binary potentates.

There is madness afoot in the land, much of it planned. With roughly 25,000 Americans arrested a day in the United States, and some 2% of those perps resisting arrest, our Marxist friends were ready and waiting in 2020 for one such encounter to look bad on video.

If it had not been George Floyd, it would have been some other sorry miscreant. Exploiting the mindless guilt of the liberals who run our institutions, these race-obsessed Bolsheviks bored in even deeper into America’s institutions, establishing equity and inclusivity operatives in every outpost that did not stink of sweat.

According to the Heritage Foundation, for instance, the University of Michigan has 163 people “identified as having formal responsibility for providing DEI programming and services.”

Yet last Saturday, when Michigan upset the Ohio State Buckeyes, not a single one of the 163 registered a public complaint about Michigan’s fielding a team without a single Asian player and but one sole “white Hispanic,” a guy named “Joey,” son of Jason.

Had they insisted that the Wolverines field a team that looks like America, the 100,000 fans at the stadium would have run the 163 out of Ann Arbor on a rail.

This is no joke. Chiefs fans, Michigan fans, it is time to insist your critical institutions be as competent and race-blind as your football teams. Your lives are on the line.

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