Breyer’s retirement and his color crayon replacement

By Mychal Massie

I introduced my Jan. 25, 2022, Video Rant that appears on my website as follows: “Every MLK national holiday skin color pimps and harlots, as a means of fomenting hatred and lies, ask: ‘How do we keep Dr. King’s dream alive?'”

The Video Rant title is “Dr. King’s Dream Is Dead (Warning Graphic Truth).” I addressed theissue with hardcore unadulterated truth that was like being punched in the face by boxing champion George Foreman. As I said in the description of The Video Rant: “No one has ever dared speak the truth so boldly about so-called black people. I also guaranteed liberals and skin-color pimps wouldn’t like what I answered.”

This brings me to retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. I’m not given to conspiracy theories as such, but I don’t believe in accidents either. To wit, Breyer, as a liberal, could not have picked a better time to retire.

His retirement comes at the nexus of MLK holiday and Black History Month. Thus the stage is immediately set for a high court appointment battle based upon crayon colors unseen since the fight to keep Justice Clarence Thomas off the bench.

These are demonic necromancers, who feed on the blood and souls of fools. Specific to same, there’s nothing more appetizing to them than a skin-color war. The timing of Breyer’s retirement cannot be ignored as accidental. It assures a scorched skin-color battle immediately that could last into the summer or longer.

The cries to put a woman crayon on the Court began seconds after the retirement announcement. A woman crayon lesbian would be the trifecta, exceeded only if the woman crayon were a man suffering from mental illness, believing himself to be a woman.

This year, 2022, there aren’t any nappy-headed, gnarly-handed, toothless mammies with burlap bags partially filled with cotton on one hip and a baby or small child on the other in the fields of plantation owners. Grandpa isn’t pushing a plow.

Beginning in 2020, this people can burn entire neighborhoods to the ground, loot, riot and murder, because some drug-addicted, dope-dealing, sub-species of humanoid who threatened and terrorized pregnant women, died in a way they were able to exploit for skin-color and political gain.

No crayon colored people are facing police dogs, fire hoses or police clubs for trying to enter an ice cream parlor or sandwich shop. They aren’t beaten away from the doors of upscale stores even after several of their kind ransacked and pillaged jewelry stores.

America elected the worse president (at the time) in history, when people decided it was his kind’s time. He was owed the presidency. Of course, then “Brandon” Biden successfully stole the election in 2020 and promptly became the absolute worst president in history to date.

I curse the prostitution of skin color (which doesn’t exist) as a bludgeon for financial and political gain. I am not a crayon color. I am an American. I am a man. And most importantly to my theology, I am a born again Christian. It is the fool who insults me by identifying me as a crayon color juxtaposed to a Christian American male husband and father.

My feelings on the myth of skin color and the lies and prostitution of same are well-known.

When I was still chairman of a Capitol Hill Public Policy Institute, then-Speaker of the House Denny Hastert called my office to invite me to serve on the committee being formed to work on then-President George Bush’s Social Security reform. I told my office to call Hastert back and ask him if he wanted me on the committee because I brought a valuable skill set or because of so-called skin color. To his credit, Hastert said, he wanted me because I was “black.” I thanked him and said no! I was to be recognized as the top something or other African-American in America. I was to be honored at a Capitol Hill gathering, formal dinner and awards presentation. I told the person who informed me of my selection I could not accept the award, because I am not black, and I wasn’t going to betray my biblical convictions for an award and a limousine ride. My point was that my word is my standard.

Biden could put Angela Davis or that strange looking and repulsive lesbian from Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, on the bench. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference. It’s simply exchanging one liberal loser for another. But, even that isn’t my point.

My point is: Why are these Negros and guilt-ridden, pusillanimous people who believe they have some mysterious privilege not possessed by others so obsessed with crayon colors? From all I have been able to discern, the so-called privilege is based upon getting an education, being responsible, not having a baby on every block of your neighborhood, not doing drugs, and investing in the future and welfare of your family.

So what, if a crayon woman is one the Supreme Court? What difference will it make? Is such a character going to possess some mystical jungle tribal Obeah? Will she call upon the African spirits of ancestors for wisdom?

Note also that the only thing being discussed by these fomenters of discord is skin color, which, as I have repeatedly said, doesn’t exist. These social-Marxists are not interested in qualifications; they are interested singularly in having a social-identity on the bench. And not just on the Court; they insist on a social-identity in every position where acrimony can be pimped and prostituted based upon being a crayon color and/or a sexual identity.

I personally do not give a rat’s tail about the Supreme Court. The time that panel could have ruled in responsible ways based upon true constitutional parameters has long ago ceased to be a reality.

My Bible tells me we are living in a time such as in the days of Noah. I’m not going to waste one scintilla of energy on anything that hasn’t eternal importance. We who are truly born again need to be about the work of Christ in the period remaining before His return.

And in my Bible that doesn’t include what they put on the Supreme Court; because it’s guaranteed whatever ends up replacing Breyer will be nothing that is pleasing to God.

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