Democrat governor wants to make it a crime to question fraudulent elections

By WND Staff

The Democrat governor in Washington state says he wants to regulate lying.

Actually, the target of Gov. Jay Inslee is “false statements,” and the Daily Caller News Foundation explains he announced he is working on legislation that would regulate candidates and elected officials from “spreading lies about elections that are likely to result in violence.”

Democrats have portrayed President Trump’s claims about a mismanaged and stolen 2020 presidential election as the “Big Lie,” while Trump has pointed out that it actually was the election that was the “lie.”

At least two extracurricular Democrat campaigns have been found to likely have impacted the election results enough to install Joe Biden in the White House.

One was a study that found the $420 million handed over by Mark Zuckerberg to various mostly partisan elections officials with instructions to adopt Democrat elections procedures and recruit voters from Democrat areas essentially purchased the election for Biden.

The other was the conclusion from the Media Research Center that had not legacy and social media outlets suppressed accurate reporting about Biden family scandals, specifically involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, enough people would have declined to support him that President Trump would be in office today.

The Daily Caller News Foundation pointed out Inslee’s legislation still is being written but said it would be “narrowly tailored” to target those statements made for the “purpose of undermining the election process or results.”

“This legislation attempts to follow the relevant U.S. and state supreme court opinions on this issue. We’re talking about candidates and elected officers knowingly throwing bombs at democracy itself when doing so is likely to result in violence,” Inslee said.

The foundation report said the Democrat announced the planned proposal on the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and he cited the event, as well as statements made by elected officials casting doubt on the results of the 2020 presidential election, as justification for the new speech restrictions.

He didn’t address the fact that multiple Democrats, including 2016 race loser Hillary Clinton, repeatedly described President Trump as an illegitimate president.

Inslee did say, “January 6 is a reminder not only of the insurrection that happened one year ago, but that there is an ongoing coup attempt by candidates and elected officials to overturn our democracy. They are willing to do this by provoking violence, and today I proposed we do something about that in Washington.”

Inslee cited a 1969 Supreme Court ruling in Brandenburg v. Ohio that said speech “inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action” is not protected by the First Amendment, which normally covers political statements.

“We can outlaw actions that provoke political violence and in doing so also protect our democracy. There is more that can be done by states and Congress to protect our democracy,” Inslee said. “I am open to any proposal that will protect the will of the voters and the institutions they use to decide who governs them.”

Besides the statements the Democrats have issued in conflict with the 2016 results, a Real Clear Politics column a short time ago pointed out another 10 Democrat “smears and lies.”

The report listed:

  • When they insisted that Trump was a Russian asset, we were told to believe they were safeguarding national security.
  • When they accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault and even gang rape, we were told to believe they were protecting the Supreme Court.
  • When in 2019 they made Trump only the third president in history to be impeached – and the only one not accused of committing a high crime or misdemeanor – we were told to believe they were defending the rule of law.
  • When scores of BLM protests turned violent [in 2020], they told us to believe that the gatherings were mostly peaceful.
  • When antifa thugs destroyed property, beat citizens and occupied public lands, they told us to believe that the group didn’t even exist.
  • When some undefined, unaffiliated people online appeared to subscribe to crazy conspiracy theories involving Satan and pedophiles, they told us to believe it was a vast and highly organized group called QAnon that was intent on overthrowing the government.
  • When they argued that “whiteness” and “white privilege” are the underlying source of America’s problems, they told us to believe they were trying to heal the nation.
  • When they censored allegations of the Biden family’s corruption, they told us to believe they were fighting disinformation.
  • When they allowed Twitter mobs to destroy people who had once said something they didn’t agree with or like, they told us to believe that they were seeking justice.
  • And, when they demonize and silence the tens of millions of people who oppose their quest for domination, they tell us to believe they are seeking unity.

The column added, “There are scores of others. From their position of power in Washington, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and academia, progressives continually manufacture false narratives that insult reason and decency and demand that we accept them as virtuous.

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