How ‘Mass Formation’ produced the absurdities of our COVID response

By Michael Schisler

Joe Biden did it again. He just declared this to be a pandemic of the “unvaccinated.”

Given the numbers of people who have willingly accepted the jab and the vast numbers who have unwillingly partaken in vaccination via live virus, many are left scratching their heads and wondering who these “unvaccinated” people are. It turns out that most of the “unvaccinated” are probably not who you would have thought.

As of the writing of this article, Biden’s “unvaccinated” cohort currently includes those who have:

  1. never had COVID and never received a vaccine (virtually no one according to stats)
  2. had COVID and never received a vaccine (aka vaccinated with live virus, naturally immune)
  3. never had COVID and received a single jab
  4. had COVID and received a single jab before becoming ill
  5. had COVID and received a single jab after becoming ill

And since the definition of “fully vaccinated,” which currently means two jabs, is about to change according to serial orphan, beagle and rhesus monkey torturer Anthony Fauci and professional truth stretcher press secretary Jen Psaki, the list of the “unvaccinated” is about to expand to include those who have:

  1. never had COVID and received two jabs
  2. had COVID and received two jabs before becoming ill
  3. had COVID and received a single jab before becoming ill and a single jab after becoming ill
  4. had COVID and received two jabs after becoming ill

Heaven help us when “I am the Science” Anthony Fauci declares the thrice jabbed to be unvaccinated and our nine categories above bloat out to 13. All of which are scientifically relevant, yet ignored and lumped together by our illustrious CDC, NIH and FDA.

Science indeed.

So, what in the world is going on? How can 13 distinct and scientifically relevant categories be summarily dismissed? And why are we still shutting down early treatments of disease and relying on vaccines that clearly do not work as advertised, if at all?

Mass Formation is a phenomenon where societal anxieties over a common threat lead to less-than-sober groupthink due to strong community desire to combat the threat. The phenomenon can occur in any number of species – from mega-flock behaviors in birds, to ideological and narrative acceptances in humans.

In humans, Mass Formations, whether naturally occurring such as the case within plagues, or synthetic constructs such as witnessed in Nazi Germany, have often been exploited for political gain.

Mass Formation theory holds that the left’s insistence that only two binary categories of vaccination status exist (i.e., a person is either fully vaccinated or is unvaccinated) is a tactic to pit various segments of the population against each other in an effort to coerce the unending compliance of all.

Which, of course, is a political end goal of a greater plan.

Also, according to Mass Formation theory, the more absurd the narrative becomes, the more strongly many believers of the narrative cling to the absurdities. This phenomenon occurs because believers are so fearful of the pre-narrative threat that going along with any absurdity is preferable as long as it is accompanied by a promise of delivery from the threat.

The absurdities of the current Mass Formation do not confine themselves to the tortured binary definitions of the fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated mentioned earlier. No, the catalog of absurdities also includes the nature of the vaccines themselves.

Let’s consider the virus that causes COVID and the mRNA gene therapies that are being mandated to combat it. The SARS-Cov-2 virus consists of 29 distinct proteins. Yet the mRNA vaccines only train your immune system to recognize but one of them.

Remember, a vaccine is nothing more than a sparring partner for the immune system to get it ready for the big fight. Would a prize fighter ever choose a sparring partner who could only show him a jab (pun intended) and no other punch?

Of course not, because the prize fighter knows the real opponent has way more than one offensive capability. Our immune systems are no different. They need to see as many parts of the actual virus as possible during the sparring session in order to become fully prepared for the real thing.

And this is why traditional vaccines for other diseases that use either inactivated or crippled live virus, actually work. The immune system is trained with the truest possible representation of its future opponent.

So, I submit that the idea that a successful vaccine could be crafted by targeting a single protein of a virus was flawed from the beginning. And I submit that this flawed proposition is chief among the catalog of absurdities within the current Mass Formation, and furthermore that it originated in academic medicine.

Unfortunately, the catalog of absurdities doesn’t end there.

The entire safety profile of mRNA vaccine technology hinges on the injected serum remaining muscle tissue in-situ until the mRNA has been uploaded into said muscle tissue cells alone, and decomposed within said cells after replicating spike protein antigens.

We now know that the injected serum does not remain muscle tissue in-situ, and in fact freely circulates throughout the body. And we know that multiple cell types and tissues in fact uptake the mRNA payloads and in turn express spike protein, to who knows what effect upon those tissues.

And we must ask ourselves whether this key assumption of serum remaining tissue in-situ was in fact the next key absurdity within the current Mass Formation that allowed for its expansion.

Because the fact pattern of the current Mass Formation strongly suggests that it (the Mass Formation) originated within in academic medicine, and only later spread to the political, general medical and societal spheres.

What is clear to those still capable of thought outside of the current Mass Formation is that sound, rational science is what will allow us to emerge from both the pandemics of COVID and of Mass Formation.

Sound, rational science tells us to use all manner of early therapies in order to combat the disease as early as possible, to include prophylaxis. And in a pandemic, you try existing drugs not yet proven effective through double blind studies as long as they fit the known science, show strong anecdotal evidence of working and demonstrate safety.

Mass Formation thought says to deny the existence of early treatment regimes.

Mass Formation thought says to withhold all treatment until the disease has progressed to the final phase, and then give oxygen and blood thinners.

Mass Formation thought says only to administer anti-virals after viral replication is complete and the body so weakened that it cannot withstand the toxic effects of the administered anti-viral.

Would medicine ever advocate for ineffective vaccines and extremely aggressive screening, only to send each and every patient having stages one, two and three cancer home, and completely refuse any and all treatment until the disease has progressed to stage four? And then only give them chemo known not to work, some heparin and some oxygen?

This is exactly what is happening with COVID patients due to Mass Formation thought.

But it does not have to remain this way. Our physicians need to reengage with bedrock medical truths and couple those with new findings and act accordingly. This will surely lead to a new normal that is better than all previous normals. But a conscious choice must be made to exit the Mass Formation before any of these things can, or will happen.

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