Time to flip the mandates: The people’s demands of their government

By Jim Darlington

Madness. What free people would allow this madness?

Masks do nothing, we were told with a practiced sincerity, but today a new truth: They protect, so obey, or learn the seven ways from Sunday that you can be harmed.

Staying home and “social distancing” does nothing. Closing businesses does nothing. But stealing elections is easier if the ballots are all mail-ins and the people too fearful to take to the streets.

Every new malady finds a new protocol of treatment – but not this one. Stay home and die or come to the hospital and die. There’s nothing else to do for it. The truth is buried with the untreated dead.

To speak against the spiraling mayhem is heresy to the new religion of fear and grounds for excommunication. To disagree with the new religion is to see your freedom slipping away, with your job or career in the military. Shunned and canceled. Even though “it” can’t happen in America, it’s happening here. In America.

We are desperate to run from it, but we are Americans. There is nowhere else to run. Around the world tyranny crushes nations and their people. This is the rule in most countries, as it has tended through all history. “But not here” are the words that catch in our throats. We would rather make excuses, but it’s too late. They are coming for us. They are demonic. Their eyes glisten with a wish for our blood. They are murderers.

We cling to wishful scenarios. “When the mandates fall, that will be their last gasp.” But every new peep of truth that rises from the trenches is met with the roar of the automated weaponry of lies.

Though the mandates fall, that will not be enough. We need new mandates. Not ones that come down from on high, but ones that come from the people. Ones that say, “We demand to live and to live free!”

The vaccines are racing against time and flagging. They do not work. We may rightly love Trump, but if he continkues to go on about the glories of “vaccines,” we need to chant: “They don’t work! They don’t work!” Even the CDC has yielded to the obvious, that the return on boosters is not only diminishing, but will no longer be recommended. Give Joe a few more days to process that.

The masks are falling away, and no campaign to bring us millions of N-95s will change that. One hopes.

Merck is trying to foist off an ivermectin knockoff for 100 times the cost, but how utterly does that show their hand? And reports are starting to get past the censors about the utility of any number of effective and inexpensive early treatment protocols.

Back to those mandates we must now demand – of our government and of our doctors and of our mass medical information resources.

We have a mandate in the Constitution of the United States of America requiring our freedom, which is greater than any false governmental messiah can command. We cannot be ordered to participate in this bungled experiment, and we must mandate that our government not only allow for our free personal and private medical choices, but that our lawfully proclaimed and inalienable rights, having been slandered, denied and forsaken, must be honored and henceforth plainly described. Every package of cigarettes carries a warning, to protect us from disease. By that same token, every pronouncement by this government concerning our health, and every recommendation by health care providers, and every single solitary bit of “information” from all mass media offered concerning health care choices must be accompanied by the truthful disclaimer: “As guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, all medical choices belong, inalienably, to the individual. The choice to wear a mask or to have an experimental gene-therapy injected into your body is up to you and you alone.”

It must be further mandated that the offering of medical advice is the province of the healing professions alone and shall not be usurped or perverted by governmental decree or by self-interested NGOs or corporate interests. Any entity that is found to suppress information or the administration of proven life-saving treatments, especially in the preferential service of profit-making treatments, shall be dispossessed of their employment and fortunes. What they have done is no less than murder for hire.

It must be mandated that the healing and medical professions responsibly offer their patients the full array of possible treatments and protocols of treatment that have been proven effective. Conspiracy to threaten members of these professions who honestly and veritably choose to recommend or prescribe ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, needed vitamins, inhaled budesonide, Viagra, mouth washing, nasal passage cleansing, or anything lawful that their own studies have caused them to believe to be useful against the China virus, must be forbidden and stopped, and those found to be conspiring to so influence must be dispossessed of their employment and fortunes. What they are doing is equally no less than murder for hire.

Concerning the experimental gene therapies, inappropriately described as “vaccines,” it must finally be mandated that the terms of their “Emergency Use Authorization” must be addressed and corrected, to be limited only to those whose statistical risk from the virus is critical. This must exclude those younger than 50 who suffer no comorbidities, morbid obesity, or asthma, at least for recommendations. It must absolutely exclude anyone under 30, with the same exceptions. Given the utterly, statistically non-existent threat the virus offers children and the extreme evidence of injury or death as reported by VAERS, anyone administering the “vaccine” to anyone under 20, must be held civilly, if not criminally, responsible for any such ill effects. What they are doing is also … no less than murder for hire.

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