‘God knows how many guns’: Police warn of huge arsenal amassed from train robberies

Following the revelation that dozens of guns were stolen by thieves in the rampant train thefts in Los Angeles County, a longtime Los Angeles Police Department officer is citing California’s draconian gun laws as enabling criminals to become more well-armed than law-abiding citizens.

Local police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have identified at least 82 guns stolen in train thefts since the summer of 2021, as trains docked in the Lincoln Heights yards have been pilfered by thieves.

Authorities have made five arrests in the heists, recovering only a small portion of the firearms that were stolen from trains.

I’ve got 24 years in LAPD, ex-military, secret clearance and I have to wait 10 days to get a new firearm and these guys are going into these containers with no locks and getting guns,” said Captain German Hurtado, speaking to the Los Angeles Times.

Several of the firearms in question intercepted by thieves were being shipped to California from Tennessee.

A trace of several recovered weapons revealed that they had been reported missing as part of the shipment.

The guns, which ranged from pistols to shotguns, had been sold on the street, with one man arrested in connection to the firearms claiming he’d bought them in an under-the-table sale.

Hurtado went on to describe a scene of chaos and lawlessness at the train yards, highlighting the risk that the criminal activity poses to the community.

“These guns were unguarded, unprotected… God knows how many guns have been stolen that way.” Authorities suspect that a gang in East Los Angeles is responsible for the serial thefts.

“This is bigger than we thought,” Hurtado said of the crimes. “​​They aren’t just stealing shoes and stuff. This is an organized crime to the level they are stealing guns.”

Scenes of the nation’s second-largest city descending into third-world style poverty and criminality have shocked citizens of the developed world, with scenes of plundered Los Angeles train yards resembling countries such as India or Mexico.

Governor Gavin Newsom staged a photo op at the ransacked train yards in January, admitting that the scene looked like a “Third World country.”

California possesses some of the most strict gun laws in the western United States, banning so-called assault weapons, implementing mandatory delays on firearms transactions and sharply regulating licenses to carry a concealed weapon.

Union Pacific Railroad has threatened to halt train service to Los Angeles County, citing the county’s “progressive” district attorney George Gascón refusing to prosecute those involved in railyard thefts.

In a letter to Gascón, Union Pacific cited the prosecutor’s refusal to jail repeat train thieves, who they allege are being arrested and bailed out the same night they’re booked.

California has seen considerable increases in crime, coinciding with a declining quality of life, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The far-left Democrat state incurred the lowest population growth in the state’s history in the year 2020, with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing California for greener pastures.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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