The systemic racism of white liberals

By Scott Lively

Strangely missing from the push-back to “Critical Race Theory” by outraged white conservatives is the observation that nearly all the black people complaining sincerely about long-standing systemic racism have lived their lives in the bluest of the blue cities, which have been controlled by white liberals for generations.

The essential premise of Critical Race Theory – i.e. that black people have been deliberately kept down by white people – is correct. But the racial repression is not perpetuated by the white majority or “white culture” itself, but only by the powerful minority of white liberals who control the key institutions that dominate and exploit black people and black culture for their own corrupt ends. We shouldn’t be denying the reality of systemic racism in the communities where most black people reside; we should instead be exposing its white liberal perpetrators and purging their racist ideas and practices from our society.

Think about it: Urban governments, public education at every level, entitlement programs, the corporate media, social service agencies, job-training programs and virtually every other entity with the greatest authority or influence over (the vast majority of) black people are controlled by white liberals, and that has been true to an ever increasing extent since Democratic President Lyndon Johnson reportedly promised his fellow white liberals in 1963: “I’ll have them ni–-rs voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”

That quotation is, of course, hotly disputed by “fact checkers,” despite audio recordings of LBJ using the N-word as comfortably as a Grand Dragon of the KKK, but the Civil Rights Act he signed into law in 1964 would seem to have fulfilled that promise even if he never said those exact words out loud.

LBJ was the mastermind of the plan to give the Democrats total control of America’s urban centers and to turn their inner-cities into virtual slave plantations where the poor and needy could be turned into cash cows to fund every leftist cause. He did this by creating entitlement programs at the federal level where huge amounts of tax money are held in reservoirs managed by liberal bureaucrats, who in turn funnel that money into the hands of their fellow leftists at the state and local level.

Having lived for a decade in the inner-city of Springfield, Massachusetts (a mini Detroit or Baltimore), where I ran a Christian mission to the bottom strata of society, I know what I’m talking about.

It was “Dee,” one of my church members (a very savvy and spiritually mature black retired state worker) who enlightened me to how the Democrats exploit poor blacks to gain a seeming unbreakable stranglehold on America’s big cities. In short, they congregate entitlement program recipients in the inner cities to reduce costs for services to the absolute minimum so most of the money can fund an army of socialist workers (and voters) organized in public employee unions to keep their Democratic political patrons in office. (Importantly to the issue of election integrity, our election and judicial bureaucracies are also staffed by these unions, which are almost universally headquartered in the deep blue cities nationwide.)

Several of our church members were homeless people who confirmed that the intake workers at the homeless shelters had checklists of entitlement categories, and they worked to get each incoming person on as many lists as possible because every category was a separate income stream from federal coffers to the state and cities.

“Dee” called Springfield a “catfish farm,” designed to enslave inner-city residents to permanent government dependency, keep them under political and ideological control as a voting bloc, and prevent them from escaping the dependency cycle.

In my 2014 run for Massachusetts governor as an Independent, my black running mate, Shelly Saunders, lived at one of these shelters. We called ourselves the Miracle Ticket and promoted a plan for liberating inner-city families through entrepreneurialism (similar in some ways to President Trump’s successful 2016-2020 “Platinum Plan”), but it got ZERO attention or support from the liberal media or politicians because they need blacks to stay on the plantation.

The reason why “welfare families” are often multi-generational is not that inner-city people lack entrepreneurial skills and drive, it’s that their opportunities are deliberately suppressed by the white liberal masters. It is no accident that the only (legal) choices most inner-city people have for economic survival is government dependency, government employment, or low-end no-future wage slavery in corporate franchises. (Never forget that the Marxists and the “woke” Predatory Corporatists are partners in “catfish farming” just as they are partners in the plandemic lockdown strategy, and in the China model of one-world government.)

Does anyone really think that black parents want their sons to become street thugs in gangs? Or their daughters to abort more black babies than are actually born? Or for their children to smoke weed every day before school (as dozens did behind our church building and in alleyways all over the neighborhood) so it’s impossible to thrive academically?Do black men want to be cut off from their children by anti-family welfare policies?

Having ministered to countless inner-city residents one on one at our Holy Grounds Coffee House church and on the streets, I know their hopes and dreams are the same as every other group. But, since the ’60s, the liberals have created a system for keeping black families broken and communities destabilized while constantly stirring the pot of victimhood and resentment and cynically pointing the finger of blame at white conservatives who have no influence at all in those cities.

Orthodox Jewish Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, made famous for his success curing COVID patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc, did an interview recently on the America First Report about the evil of the plandemic co-conspirators. In it he said, profoundly, “Slavery has always been the most lucrative industry in the history of humanity.”

The Democrats have never ended their involvement in black slavery, they merely moved their operations from the plantations to the inner cities, and learned how to cloak their actions in the devious rhetoric of LBJ’s “War on Poverty” while projecting their own racism onto conservatives.

Most white conservatives are fully vindicated by our united sincere embrace of the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights [including] Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

But most white liberals are fully condemned by their rejection of the Creator and their aggressive division of human beings into competing factions whose value is measured by their willingness to kill babies, restrict liberty and inflict suffering on anyone who disagrees.

We will end systemic racism in America only when we end the rule of white liberals.

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