America has become a nation of lies

By Mychal Massie

America has become a nation of pernicious lies, and it is increasingly mandatory that the citizens not only embrace the lies, but also espouse and defend them. Those who dare refuse to comply are ostracized and publicly castigated by the led-by-the-nose politically correct, who are as legitimately ignorant as they are illegitimate to all that made America a nation of godly values.

Lies and ignorance are the order of the day, and both malignancies are cultivated from the womb. Such was the conversation our son and I had a few days ago.

I’m cut from the DNA of my parents who were free thinkers and who were not afraid to say no. The difference is that contrary to David Starkey’s observation of Elizabeth I – i.e., “Like her father, who would bite men’s heads off, unlike him she would rarely cut them off” – I am wholly committed to cutting off the heads of fools and the cognitively indigent.

Why should I disavow my biblical moral standards to embrace and espouse lies for the pleasure of the progeny of Satan?

Why should I abandon my biblical, moral standing to support mental illness? Historically, we have been called upon to combat mental illness with treatment not reward it and pretend it’s normal.

So-called transgenderism is a lie from the pit of hell and an injurious form of mental illness. Belief in same exhibits a level of mental sickness in the afflicted individual that’s beyond rationality; but to demand the public participate in this mental sickness transcends reality.

Hollywood has been called a dream factory, but in reality it’s a factory that was created and is sustained to manufacture lies to anesthetize the public to the level of immiseration that envelops them. Hollywood is also the industry of distraction and agitprop ingested by the gullible as truth. Even documentaries presented as factual are nothing more glamorized lies, e.g., the JFK assassination et al.

Consider the theft of the election from President Trump. The question isn’t how; the fact is – it was. Omitted in the endless hours of debate and condemnation of those of us who understand it was a statistical impossibility for Biden to win without cheating, was the fact that this wasn’t the first theft of a presidential election.

President Nixon had his first attempt to win the presidency stolen by pro-Kennedy camarilla and mafia marplots. “If it was done once, it was done twice” wasn’t worth discussion for media and jaundiced news-talk programming. Their only interest was to attack President Trump and all who argued his supporters had been illegally denied his second term.

America has gone from the damnable lie that a baby in the womb was just a lump of cells and thus not a living life to protect, to a woman killing her child being one of the highest acts of love and biblical kindness. Thus, we now have the industrialized extermination of children and specifically children of those people who claim being a crayon color is the summum bonum and who attribute all of their ills to being a crayon color, except the two most glaring systems of extermination, i.e., crayon color on crayon color crime and abortion.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech has been weaponized as a jeremiad of lament by the crayon people, while the cultural-Marxists use it to divide and foment the lie of disaffection. The truth is presented in my scathingly brutal Video Rant, in which I employed their lexicon against them.

The value and judicial competency of Biden’s token Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, isn’t based upon meritocracy; it’s based upon melanin and gender. I cannot think of a more insulting assault on my judicial abilities if I were the nominee.

As I made clear in my syndicated op-ed, “Breyer’s Retirement Announcement Timing Suspicious”: “I curse the prostitution of [so-called] skin-color (which doesn’t exist). … I am not a crayon color. I am an American. I am a man. And most importantly to my theology, I am a born again Christian. It’s the fool who insults me by identifying me as a crayon color juxtaposed to a Christian American male husband and father.” (Read entire article here.)

Even Christendom has denied the truth and is turning unto lies and apostasy. In many churches today, love is no longer based upon biblical precepts. It’s based upon sexual lust and covetousness. It’s based upon the sexual perversion of homosexuality.

I’ve mentioned but a few of the lies that are the face of America today. I mentioned many more to my son the afternoon we discussed this subject.

I argue this is one of the reasons much of the church has become a godless construct of biblical illiteracy and biblical atheism led by those who embrace that which God has cursed from the beginning.

I’m convinced that not all those who seemingly go along with the zeitgeist of lies are ignorant of the truth. They are, however, possessed and driven by desire for approval of those who are lost beyond salvation.

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