Biblically, Zelensky is a failed leader

By Ilana Mercer

Based on observing The Empire’s workings over decades, I’d hazard that President Volodymyr Zelensky is probably being fiercely guarded by Americans, possibly by a private, paramilitary security company. Something like Sean McFate’s DynCorp outfit, or Russia’s Wagner Group. Or even perhaps Ukraine’s own Einsatzgruppen, the Azov regiment.

More in support of my assumption, for that is all it is, is a revelation of some of the plans his American puppet-masters have for Zelensky. Via NBC Feb. 21:

Biden administration officials have discussed plans with the Ukrainian government for President Volodymyr Zelensky to leave Kyiv in the event of a Russian invasion, according to two people familiar with the discussions. Under a plan that’s been discussed, Zelenskyy would relocate to Lviv in western Ukraine, about 50 miles from the Polish border, the people familiar with the discussions said.

My opinion – probably a solid guess – is bolstered by Zelensky’s relaxed, cocky showman’s demeanor, inflamed as it is by wildly enthusiastic Western reinforcement of the Ukrainian leader’s bloody bravado.

I say “bloody” because of the inverted values with which The Empire and its handmaidens in the West have blanketed the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

To normies, a leader who doesn’t plead for the lives of his people is a failed leader. Diplomacy, negotiations, a cease-fire: that’s the nomenclature clear-thinking people ought to wish instinctively to hear when they see the immiseration of Ukrainians and their cities. To my knowledge, not before the war and not now has Zelensky initiated, or partaken in, or been urged to pursue serious, high-level talks with Putin.

And while there is some indication that Zelensky might be inching closer to acceding “neutrality for Kyiv and security guarantees for Moscow,” publicly, Zelensky has done nothing but snarl his contempt for Russia, roaring at the Kremlin to “hold peace talks now or suffer for generations.” This is not diplomacy, but yet more political posturing and provocation. (But then Zelensky, an actor, could be prepping to appear before the central, universal seat of asininity: Hollywood’s Oscars.)

The Hebrew Testament (though “Old,” it’s never out-of-date) is bedecked with examples of leaders pleading, even bargaining, for the lives of the Stiff-Necked People. Abraham haggled ingeniously with The Almighty over Sodom and Gomorrah. Queen Esther petitioned mighty King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) on behalf of Persian Jews, and Moses did the same for his enslaved people before Pharaoh. Another Hebrew has written that “he who saves you from war is better than he who sends you to war.” That’s what real leadership is about – uphold and fight for the people’s natural right to live peacefully.

By these reasonable and rational criteria, Zelensky and Biden are failed leaders for doing nothing but bait and goad the Russian Bear.

Make no mistake, if the American people (an inchoate, meaningless phrase I countenance here for the sake of argument) were invaded as has Ukraine – American leaders would hold court from their safe rooms and underground luxury bunkers and give cheery addresses (in syntax as fractured and similarly studded with non sequiturs), while the bombs fell on We the People.

Churchillian they’d rate themselves.

To the American Jacobins and their Ukrainian Zelenskyite puppets, talking “our values” is all it takes to make a good leader. Talk the neocon talk.

That Zelensky did in his cameo appearance before the U.S. Congress, where the man deftly drew on all the cliches of American life in the shallow end, banalities now made global:

Zelensky droned on about democracy, our values, and MLK (Martin Luther King), offering his incoherent, bizarre twist on the “I have a dream” ubiquity:

(In truth, democracy has “made us dumb,” for what menaces mass society is a tyranny of mediocrity. And values “in the classical conservative and libertarian traditions are private things, to be left to civil society – the individual, family and church – to practice and police.”)

Said Z: “I have a dream. I have a need. I need to protect our skies. I need your help, which means the same you feel when you hear the words I have a dream.”

Translated: When Zelensky tells you he needs your help, you should feel the same as when you hear MLK’s “I have a dream.” Or, something.

I have a dream. I have a need, too. Some quid pro quo, perhaps, Mr. Zelensky? In 2011, during the U.S.-facilitated Egyptian Lotus Revolution, I reminded tea partiers, now termed Deplorables, of Alexis de Tocqueville’s admonition in the mid-1800s.

When he wrote that he knew “‘nothing so miserable as a democracy without liberty,’ he spoke for me. I find myself unable to get lathered-up about democracy for others, while I live in the democratic despotism that contemporary America has become. …

“More often than not, Americans who yearn for the freedoms their forbears bequeathed to them are labeled demented, dangerous and undemocratic. I’ve yet to hear liberty-deprived peoples the world over stand up for the tea-party patriots [now called Deplorables]. When they do – I’ll gladly galvanize on their behalf.”

Zelensky is America’s perfect, prototype Jacobin puppet, beloved by both political factions, because he is the creation of the foreign policy of the UniParty.

The Republican faction has reverted to the neoconservative mean. Republicans are pushing for war and that no-fly zone. They are admonishing Biden for his so-called weakness – for that is how they frame barely avoiding a nuclear war with Russia. The War Street Journal has only rebuke for Biden’s policy of “containment against Russia.” On Fox News, it’s rah-rah for war (i. e., variations on a no-fly zone over Ukraine) all day long. The female journos and “mute-button pundits,” especially, choose to use incendiary phrases, pregnant with provocation, such as “a red line”; “this was a red line for Obama … will Biden consider it a red line?” More recently, Bret Baier and guests on Fox have been brainstorming about “the level of atrocity” to be tolerated before war can be comfortably commenced. Cavuto floats regime change in Russia as a prerequisite for negotiations.

Never good-faith negotiations.


It’s Biblical, Zelensky: A Leader Who Fails To Negotiate For The Lives Of His People Has Failed


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