Celebrating God, you and WND – for 25 years

By Joseph Farah

In just a few weeks – May 4, 2022, to be precise – WND, the first independent online journalism organization in America, the trailblazer, the pioneer, the vanguard of the “New Media” revolution, will be observing its 25th anniversary.

When you think about it, considering all we’ve been through – from angry opposition and ridicule, to lies and defamation, to hack attacks and hit pieces, to Big Tech suppression and, finally, total cancellation – it’s kind of a miracle that we’re still here!

For those of you who still find WND enriching, valuable, satisfying, challenging, necessary, entertaining and worthy of your time in an era of blatant disinformation and wall-to-wall official lying, thank you very much for the part you’ve played in keeping our operation going.

Our team of veteran journalists, many who have been with us for over 20 years, is still cutting-edge, professional, reliable, experienced and, above all, truthful. We still take our 25-year-old motto, “A Free Press for a Free People,” seriously.

The fact that WorldNetDaily, or WND as we know it today, has survived so many daunting challenges and remains as influential as it still is, suggests we’re doing something right, when most of the media clearly are not.

WND made it this far with capital investment totaling less than $5 million, and that was decades ago. When we had, just a few years ago, a book publishing company and also produced popular films that combined to bring in $15 million a year, we thought we had arrived. But that was before Big Tech set out to destroy us. Why? Because we sided with a presidential candidate named Donald Trump. I have no regrets. They tried to destroy him, too.

This has been a humbling experience for me. But WND is still very much alive, and still delivering on its promises to report the news, boldly and truthfully, without fear or favor. We give credit and thanks to God. And to you, for reading and supporting WND.

We currently operate on a budget 15 times smaller than we did a few years ago. I guess it was unrealistic to imagine that a conservative, Christian news site could remain one of the nation’s top web properties. It’s a contradiction, isn’t it? Biblically, we are at “enmity with the world” – with godlessness, lawlessness and immorality, with globalism and oppression of people, with Marxism in all its forms, including today’s destructive and ever-metastasizing “wokeness.” Nevertheless, despite all our difficulties and challenges, I like to think God has been watching over us for these decades.

There was a time when everyone in the news media understood that the central role of a free press in a free society is to serve as a watchdog on government and other powerful institutions. That’s why America’s founders uniquely enshrined within the First Amendment the unbreachable freedom of the nation’s press as the front-line guardian of liberty and a key check and balance on government power.

Personally, I took that principle very seriously 25 years ago, and I saw that most of the establishment press did not. In fact, I witnessed a cozy, symbiotic and very unhealthy relationship developing between the corporate press and state power. I vowed WND would never fall prey to, or be seduced by, that temptation.

We stayed true. And now a great awakening is taking place all across America and even around the world. People are recognizing that they are being systematically lied to – not just by powerful forces within government, but by those who are supposed to be the government’s watchdogs in the press!

It’s about time people realized how pernicious, dishonest and complicit the news media are in everything – everything – that has gone wrong in America, and indeed that is severely threatening our nation’s very future as a free and God-blessed nation.

WND is smaller and leaner now. With the online world now controlled by crazed left-wing ideologue billionaire tech moguls in cahoots with crazed left-wing ideologue politicians, the business environment for conservative, Christian, truth-based journalists is extremely challenging and unfriendly. But that’s OK, because we can turn to God – and to you. And we do, believe me. We all do – everyone at WND. I thank God and you, our patrons, for survival in very tough times.

So let me ask you, as we approach our 25th anniversary: If you appreciate what we have done and what we still do here at WND, would you please prayerfully consider helping us right now?

Living through what is undoubtedly our nation’s most dangerous period in our lifetimes, the job of the free press has never been more crucial. At the same time, having to defend ourselves against Big Tech, government, left-wing activist groups, corrupt law firms, pretend “fact-check” organizations and others – not to mention inflation – is seriously raising our operating costs. In truth, we are struggling to keep our heads above water, even as we approach a rare 25-year milestone very few internet companies, let alone online journalism organizations, can match.

Here’s the bottom line: Because of the costs involved in defending WND against a multitude of attacks and lawsuits and Big Tech cancellations, we need to raise a minimum of $100,000 over and above our normal expenses in the next three months – by June 30. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. We had to take out a loan this week just to pay our bills.

If everyone who cares about WND’s continued existence and would like us to continue to report faithfully and TRUTHFULLY every single day – 7 days a week as we have for the last 25 years – if all of you could just do your part, some more, some less, I have no doubt we’ll make it. And hopefully make it for another 25 years!

To help WND, there are several great options:

1. First, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the WND News Center, the IRS-approved, 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that pays the salaries of most of our dedicated journalists. (This can be either a one-time gift or you can designate a regular monthly contribution.) Or you can mail us your tax-deductible donation by making your check out to “WND News Center” and mailing it to: WND News Center, P.O. Box 100, 580 E Street, Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.

2. If you don’t need the tax deduction, kindly consider donating directly to WND, where you can make contributions for as little as $3 and as much as $5,000 at our online store. (Again, you can designate a one-time gift or repeating monthly donation). You can also mail us a check if you prefer. Just make it out to “WND” and send it to: WND, P.O. Box 100, 580 E Street, Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.

And there are several other great ways to support WND:

3. Even if you cannot afford to make a donation, if you value what we do at WND, we ask you to please sign up for our free WND News Alerts. That way you’ll never miss another big story at WND. At the same time, our email News Alert list generates critical revenue for us. It’s a win-win, and costs you nothing.

4. Subscribe to Whistleblower, WND’s critically acclaimed monthly print (and digital) magazine that focuses a 10,000-watt spotlight on one crucial topic in each issue – a topic absolutely essential to you and your family’s well-being, but either ignored or mangled by the rest of the media.

5. Become a WND Insider and read WND AD-FREE! That’s right: By becoming a WND Insider, you will receive some terrific benefits and special discounts – including an ad-free reading experience!

6. Make a purchase from the WND Superstore, which specializes in unique, insightful, pro-Constitution, patriotic, God-honoring books, films and other products.

7. And then there’s one last thing you can do: Pray for WND, pray for our whole team!

Thank you so much for reading my message. We at WND would love to be here for you for many more years to come. On May 4, we will mark the end of our 25th year of non-stop, 24-7 news coverage, an almost unheard-of feat in the internet world. With your financial help and prayers, we will continue for many, many more years. God bless you for your consideration.

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