As COVID subsides, vax tyranny continues

By Andy Schlafly

As COVID-19 subsides, tyranny that exploited it continues. Unfair termination of servicemen, disruption of the upcoming Major League Baseball season and interference with parental rights result from vaccine mandates.

Liberals are retreating on their mask mandates, but are doubling down on vaccines. This is because vaccine mandates are a gateway to implement the socialist agenda.

Vaccine mandates promote public allowance of abortion, through use of fetal cells in some of the mandated vaccines. These mandates control the right to travel and assemble, through requirements of vaccine passports.

Vaccine mandates also violate the patient-physician relationship, by overriding physicians who advise against the vaccine. As shown by the military discharge of personnel, vaccine mandates limit the ability to serve our country, or earn a living.

Last Friday the Army declared that it had involuntarily discharged three soldiers for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. A total of 2,692 Army soldiers have declined the controversial vaccine, and the Army has reprimanded 3,251 troops.

Other branches of our Armed Services have done likewise. By last Wednesday the Navy had fired 519 sailors, the Air Force had terminated 212, and the Marine Corps had discharged 1,038 Marines.

It hurts our military readiness to lose these experienced and dedicated volunteers. Donald Trump, who leads Biden by 43 points among unvaccinated voters according to a YouGov/Yahoo News poll, urged the next Congress to restore these honorable service members with back pay.

Fortunately, several courts are pushing back against the unjustified vaccine mandates. In federal appellate and district courts, Republican-appointed judges are protecting constitutional rights.

In a unanimous decision in favor of Navy SEALs, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in New Orleans observed how inflexible the vaccine demands are. “Indeed, during the last seven years, the Navy has not granted a single religious exemption from any vaccination,” that appellate court wrote in U.S. Navy Seals 1-26 v. Biden, which is now before the Supreme Court.

Thousands of our finest Navy sailors requested exemptions. “The Navy has denied them all,” the court concluded before ruling against the Navy for now on this issue.

Meanwhile, vaccine requirements in Canada and New York City are disrupting the Major League Baseball season. Players engaging in spring training in Florida are being asked about their vaccination status, and some stars are not showing their cards.

Rejecting vaccine tyranny, some stars will forgo their substantial salary for games played in Toronto, Canada, where socialists continue to require unvaccinated visitors to quarantine for extended periods. The pandemic subsides, but the socialist tyranny that exploited the pandemic does not.

It makes no sense for a player to be quarantined for 14 days for a three-game series in Toronto, and it is unjustified to require that of a baseball player whose activities on the field endanger no one. But when the real game is about political control rather than public health, vaccine mandates will continue indefinitely.

The socialists who run New York City are as dictatorial as the tin-pot dictators who run Canada. New York City, where the Yankees and Mets play all their home games, extends COVID vaccination requirements after the pandemic has diminished.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge was asked last week if he has been vaccinated, and he declined to say. He ranked as the fourth-best player in the American League last year in voting for its Most Valuable Player.

Apparently, the Yankees team officials are trying to negotiate a change to the city requirement that all employees of private employers be vaccinated. The requirement should be repealed for all employers, not just professional baseball.

Good news arrived last Friday afternoon in the district court of the District of Columbia, when it enjoined a new D.C. law that authorizes school administrators to inject the COVID and other vaccines into schoolchildren as young as 11 years, without parental consent or even knowledge. In Booth v. Bowser, Trump-appointed Judge Trevor McFadden sided with parents.

The District of Columbia insisted in court that there is no constitutional right to any religious exemptions from mandatory vaccination. The District also argued that a rate of 95% vaccination was necessary to attain herd immunity from contagious diseases, which is a far higher rate than public officials have admitted.

Only about 65% of Americans opted to receive the COVID vaccine, many forced to do so, while fewer than 50% of them have received the recommended booster shot. Most Americans have rejected the demands by Dr. Anthony Fauci and so-called public health experts about COVID vaccination and masks, as have many foreign countries.

In blocking the school vaccine mandate in D.C., the judge properly held that vaccine tyranny will not be allowed to “trample on the Constitution.” Officials pushing these vaccine mandates should be defeated in elections, too.


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