Homeless man caught on video brutally assaulting nurse

By Art Moore

Surveillance video captured the brutal assault of a nurse by a suspect police said was homeless and had been convicted of crimes 22 times.
Surveillance video captured the brutal assault of a nurse by a suspect police said was homeless and had been convicted of crimes 22 times.

A prolific offender identified by police as homeless has been charged for the apparently random brutal assault on a 62-year-old nurse who was exiting a light rail station in Seattle at midday.

Surveillance video shows Alexander Jay, 40, throwing the woman down a flight of stairs multiple times at the city’s Union Station just before noon on March 2, reported Seattle talk-radio host Jason Rantz for MyNorthwest.com. She suffered three broken ribs and a broken clavicle.

Rantz noted that the media didn’t mention that Jay is homeless.

The impact of Seattle’s homelessness crisis and rise in crime amid the defund-the-police movement and the softening of the punishments for crime recently was documented in a video by a local reporter. The City Council has cut the police budget by $36 million since 2019.

Amazon, the city’s largest employer, announced Friday it will move 1,800 workers from downtown Seattle offices because of rampant crime.

Video of the assault:

Jay had been in the same rail car as the victim, and she identified him. He was arrested the next day. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Offices said it has been involved in seven cases against Jay in the past five years. In five of the cases, a conviction was obtained.

In total, Jay has been convicted 22 times, including for domestic violence, first-degree theft, trafficking in stolen goods and possession of a controlled substance. The most recent conviction was for a 2021 residential burglary in Bellevue.

Rantz noted that when Jay was on the loose after assaulting the nurse, the Seattle Times did mention that he is black, which was relevant to finding him. And he pointed out that activists and politicians in Seattle continue to pretend the city’s homeless population isn’t dangerous.

The immigrant owner of a Seattle bakery who closed a downtown shop amid record-breaking crime and drug users blocking the entrance while police stand by idly explained in an interview that she finally gave up because “no one is listening.”

She lamented what a “waste” it is to happen in a city with abundant resources.

“Being an immigrant, coming here, getting five locations in the city, seeing how powerful the city is, the state is, the country is, how much money, how much wealth — what wonderful, smart people we have surrounded ourselves with — that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, when everyone works together on one goal,” said Olga Sagan, 38.

“And that’s what we are ending up with? It’s such a waste. And it’s not worth my time anymore.”

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