911 dispatcher refuses to send ambulance for injured woman

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[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action News.]

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser
Live Action News

A woman whose abortion procedure was botched twice was in extreme pain and struggling to walk, so she called 911 — only for the dispatcher to refuse to send help.

Operation Rescue was given a transcript of the 911 call, originally obtained by the Pro-Life Action League. The woman had undergone a dilation and curettage, or D&C, abortion at Family Planning Associates (FPA) in Chicago, Illinois. Afterward, she was still in pain, so she returned to FPA, where it was determined that the abortionist left parts of her baby’s body inside her. They committed another D&C, but the woman continued to be in excruciating pain despite receiving IV and oral pain medications. She was in so much pain that she had trouble walking.

Staffers at FPA told her that if she was still in pain after 24 hours to return to the facility, but she was scared that something was seriously wrong. She called 911, wanting an ambulance to take her to the hospital. But the 911 dispatcher refused to send help.


Woman: I had a procedure done – a D&C done on Saturday. And then I had came back because I couldn’t barely walk. I came back for them to do the procedure, um, another procedure and they’re still telling me that every – everything out, but I barely can walk. I feel like I’m having a baby! …

911: Okay, and did you talk to staff there?

Woman: Yes, they telling me to keep following up tomorrow – tell me if the pain don’t get better to come back tomorrow. I don’t want to keep coming back! It hurts!

911: Okay, ma’am. You’ve just got to follow their instructions. I mean, they’re doctors. They can probably tell you the same thing you’ll see when you go to the hospital. So, it’s basically almost the same thing. They’re doctors. You’ve just got to follow up. You’ve just got to let the medicine work.

Woman: I follow up! When I – when I follow up, it was still stuff inside of me.

911: Okay – what procedure did you have?

Woman: I had a D&C. This matter is the second D&C I had.

911: Okay, so did they tell you to follow up with them, until tomorrow?

Woman: Yes.

911: And did they give you medication?

Woman: Yes, but it’s not working. I had medication through the IV, I had medication through the mouth, nothing has helped.

911: Well, you’ve got to give the medic — first thing, you’ve got to give the medication time for it to work.

Woman: It’s been an hour!

911: It’s not going to work within just an hour, okay? So, an hour is not enough. If you took pills, you gotta give it some time for it. If you took an IV, that’s going to go through the bloodstream, but if it’s not enough, they give you pills. They can only give a certain amount for the IV. So you’re going to give those medications a chance to go through your blood system and for it to work. And you just gotta follow — follow the doctor’s instructions, and just see what happens. I mean, you gotta… give it a day. See within a day, and see what happens later on tonight.

Woman: Okay.

911: All right. So, in steps, follow their instructions and what they tell you, and you know, it’s the same doctor. If you go to the emergency room, they’re probably going to tell you the same thing.

After that, the call ended.

The 911 dispatcher ignored multiple warning signs that something was wrong. IV pain medication should begin working within five to 10 minutes; that it had been longer than an hour and she was still in pain is not just a normal post-operative experience. Additionally, this woman specifically told him she had to undergo two separate procedures, indicating everything had not gone as planned and she was in so much pain she couldn’t even walk. And yet, he refused to send her any help.

As of now, Operation Rescue does not know this woman’s condition.

Despite assurances of the supposed professionalism of FPA’s abortionists, it is not unusual for abortion facility staffers to neglect their patients or give them bad medical advice — sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

Tonya Reaves was left alone, hemorrhaging for over five hours before she was transported to the emergency room by Planned Parenthood. Reaves died after emergency surgery; she possibly could have survived had she received the proper medical attention needed in a timely manner. Other abortion facilities have withheld information from emergency responders, hidden a patient’s condition, or simply refused to call 911 after botching abortions. Other patients have been left to fend for themselves, kicked out of the facility even as they were hemorrhaging. Other abortionists have specifically told women not to visit the emergency room if they experience complications.

The 911 dispatcher’s assurances that the abortionist would take care of the injured woman was clearly not based on giving her the best possible medical care needed in an emergency situation — especially considering this abortion facility’s long history of injuring women. One of the abortionists at the facility has been sued for malpractice at least 10 times. A 911 dispatcher should have taken this woman’s plea for help seriously instead of turning her away.

[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action News.]


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