The story of how the 2020 election was stolen is finally taking shape!

By Joseph Farah

It may be the biggest scandal in American history.

Think about that.

America’s been around for a long time – 246 years!

Almost two years ago, American citizens went out to cast their votes in the 2020 election – dutifully, honestly, respectfully, conscientiously, faithfully, responsibly, in good faith.

President Donald Trump got at least 74,216,154 of those votes, more than any incumbent president in history achieved. But he probably got a lot more. There have been reputable reports of ballots being discarded in some states, counted for his opponent, or just ignored.

On the other hand, Joe Biden is said to have received 81,268,925 votes. That is a preposterous presumption. He rarely left his basement in Delaware. He couldn’t draw a crowd on the rare times he did venture out. The media didn’t cover high crimes he committed. And Big Tech covered it all up for more than a year a half later.

President Trump was popular with the people. He won every debate – hands down, despite the rabidly pro-Democrat moderators. The disgraceful election results were dutifully announced to the American people despite disbelief, shock and consternation.

Now the blinders have been removed for at least half the electorate – maybe far more.

But the media don’t tell the story. Big Tech refuses to report any of it besides repeating the lie that it was “the most secure election in American history.”

On Jan. 6, 2021, about 1 million people from around the country came to Washington to protest the election. The Capitol, left practically unguarded and virtually open to part of the crowd, was quickly occupied for a few hours. One pro-Trump protester, Ashli Babbitt, a veteran, was shot on sight, without warning by a plain-clothes member of the U.S. Capitol Police. He was never questioned about the incident or disciplined. Babbitt was the only person killed in the mayhem.

Meanwhile, as many as a hundred people have been charged or held for a year or more and given no due process, despite their right to a speedy trial. The incident has been characterized as an “insurrection” by the Democrats in one-sided hearings. No weapons were ever found. “Pipe bombs” found outside have been unidentified.

It was obviously an inside job by the FBI and other law-enforcement people – much like the attempted “kidnapping” of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a case in which no one was convicted.

The U.S. has become something of a police state in the interim.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have quickly and conclusively demonstrated they are not up to the job. Their job performances are setting record lows of about 30%. Afghanistan was a disgrace. His open borders have allow more people in than any period before. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline and turned off the spigots on domestic oil, inviting Russia’s war in Ukraine. Biden is asking Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, to negotiate a new treaty with Iran on nuclear weapons. Stagflation is killing the U.S.

Democrats are now desperate for someone to replace the 79-year-old – anybody but Kamala!

But there’s some good news!

An 18-month, data-driven probe now concludes the 2020 election was stolen.

Smartphone pings and video reveal at least 4.8 million fraudulent votes – far more than what Trump needed to win a clear electoral victory.

It’s all detailed in a film coming out now that may just save the day.

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote and Gregg Phillips of a health-care data company have teamed up with a dozen people who have put in 16-hour days for 15 months, combing tediously through cellphone geolocation data, surveillance videos and documents to see if the evidence supports their hypothesis.

What is that hypothesis? That amid the many “dirty,” out-of-date voter rolls and the unprecedented distribution of mail-in ballots, a highly coordinated operation in the key battleground states collected ballots and paid “mules” to literally stuff them in the unattended drop boxes. The researchers found the smoking gun.

They say they have the hard evidence to back their finding that there were enough fraudulent votes in the states they targeted – including Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia – to overturn the election.

But they’re having a deuce of a time getting any traction with some state authorities, media and Big Tech billionaires.

Engelbrecht and Phillips eventually took their two petabytes of data (the next highest measurement for data storage after terabytes, equaling 1,024 terabytes or 1 million gigabytes) to filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose feature “2000 Mules” is in post-production.

After the movie comes out and the inevitable attacks come, Phillips said the investigative team will “pull the rip cord” and release all of the data.

Engelbrecht said they want to be “totally transparent” and “give it all to the American people.”

“Now you can see what nobody is showing you to this point,” she said.

Phillips noted there’s a lot of fear surrounding the raising of any questions about the 2020 election.

“Everybody’s afraid right now. They’re afraid of getting canceled,” he said, but “on the other side of fear is freedom.”

We know about that! WND has been 100% demonetized by Google and YouTube because of what we have reported already about the election.

Engelbrecht was targeted by the Obama administration after her group exposed the IRS discrimination against conservative nonprofits in their application for tax-exempt status. The IRS, Justice Department, FBI, ATF and OSHA launched a total of 23 audits, investigations and inquiries against True the Vote.

Ten years ago, she said, “I really had to do some prayerful consideration,” asking herself if “that really” was “what True the Vote was about.”

She decided to “fight it out” in court and sue the IRS, emerging victorious more than six years later.

“I think this is what True the Vote’s been put here to do,” Engelbrecht said, “to take us into the other side of the mountain.”

Another movie about 2020 is out now as well. It’s called “Rigged 2020” by David Bossie of Citizens United Productions. Stream the entire film.

See the trailer of “2000 Mules”:

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