The 2020 election was stolen: Here is the evidence

By Joseph Farah

Have you seen “2000 Mules”?

I’m curious, because I’m disappointed that it’s not making the kind of waves I expected.

Did we wait too long to definitively know the election of 2020 was actually fraudulent?

Are people just so stunned by the documentary’s conclusions?

Is there just too much else going on?

Is Big Tech doing a job on it?

Do Americans even know there is a movie out that makes the case that we were robbed in 2020?

Or was it that the draft Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v. Wade was leaked at the same time as the film’s release?

That’s a lot of questions for you.

Then there’s the virtual blackout by Fox News, the lack of commercials for it, not to mention no media coverage.

Am I mistaken, or is this film, as convincing as it is that Donald Trump was right about everything, not getting credit for the biggest story ever told – bigger than Watergate, bigger than the Hunter Biden tape from hell, bigger than all that has happened to us because of the Democrats’ massive cheating scandal?

Or is it that we are more subject than most of us realize to manipulation? Or are just too stunned by its revelations? I really don’t know. I’m anxious to find out.

Is “seeing is believing” truly the case?

Or maybe just not enough Americans have not seen it – yet.

I’d love to create more visibility for “2000 Mules.”

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht is a true hero for making it. She spent more than 15 months on the tedious investigation. And her colleagues have a massive amount of data they will release to the public. Producer Dinesh D’Souza deserves enormous credit as well.

The evidence – including cellphone location data, surveillance video and whistleblower testimony – supports the hypothesis, she said, that amid the many “dirty,” out-of-date voter rolls and the unprecedented distribution of mail-in ballots, a highly coordinated operation in the key battleground states collected ballots and paid “mules” to stuff them in the unattended drop boxes that became a center of controversy.

And that evidence indicates that the fraudulent votes affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election – for certain.

“The facts are the facts, and you cannot look away,” Engelbrecht said.

Data analyst Gregg Phillips also worked on the film, which identifies non-profit groups at the nexus of the multi-state operation. Engelbrecht described them as a collection of “micro-insurgencies” involving thousands of “ballot traffickers” who engaged in patterns and modes of operation that “point to organization.”

Engelbrecht said she is not at liberty to name those groups now, but they are identified in a complaint True the Vote filed in Georgia that prompted an investigation by the Georgia State Elections Board and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. I’ll be shocked if anything comes of that.

Earlier this week, Georgia state investigators issued subpoenas that signal they are engaged in a wide-ranging probe into the alleged ballot trafficking.

Engelbrecht told WND she has been looking forward to the opportunity to “pull the rip cord” and release the evidence to the public.

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“We’re going to make all of this data, all of this video, available publicly for crowdsourcing,” she said. “You’re going to be able to see for yourselves.”

And she expects much more to be found through the crowdsourcing, “because we only scratched the surface.”

The surveillance videos alone provide clear evidence of criminal behavior, with numerous instances of people breaking Georgia law by putting more than one ballot in a drop box.

That presents Americans with “a moment of decision,” she said.

“Are we going to enforce those laws or not?” she asked. “Because if we’re not going to enforce the laws when we see the crimes, then why have laws at all?”

The left, she said, will “stop at nothing, and if you let them get away with it, it’s going to continue.”

“Look, we’re fighting for control of the free world. This is not a game. This is not for the faint of heart,” Engelbrecht said.

Government will not correct itself, she emphasized, and nothing will happen if people think somebody else will take care of it.

I guess it’s up to all of us.

See the WND interview with Engelbrecht:

Streaming of the film is available now at

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