Principal walks into pre-school classroom, finds sick woke tool used to ‘teach colors’

In yet another sign that American public schools have been infested with toxic, leftist ideology, a North Carolina preschool is under fire after a teacher used flash cards featuring LGBTQ themes — including a card depicting a “pregnant man” — to teach children about colors.

The shocking incident was revealed in a May 27 news release from Rep. Tim Moore, the Republican speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Republican state Rep. Erin Paré had brought the matter to Moore’s attention after receiving an email from a worried parent.

“This week, Rep. Erin Paré (R-Wake) received an email from a concerned constituent alerting her to the use of LGBTQIA+ themed flash cards, including a card with the depiction of a pregnant man, to teach colors to children in a preschool class at Ballentine Elementary School,” Moore’s release stated.

Teachers use flashcards, songs, blocks, and many other pedagogical devices to imprint fundamental knowledge on children’s brains, which is why it’s important to deter insidious indoctrination at any level of education, but particularly in the primary grades.

Paré immediately alerted the school’s principal about the use of inappropriate material targeting small children, the release stated:

“The principal found the stack of cards in a preschool classroom and verified with the teacher that they had been used by the teacher in the classroom to teach colors.”

The principal, who confirmed the flash cards were not part of an approved curriculum, said she was unaware they were being used, according to Moore’s statement.

The GOP-controlled North Carolina state legislature is reviewing legislation known as the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” to address this matter.

Among other things, the Parents’ Bill of Rights bans “instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity” from kindergarten through third grade.

As noted by WGHP-TV, based in High Point, North Carolina, the proposed law for the Tar Heel State is similar to a “Parental Rights in Education” law passed in Florida and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis in March.

In a statement Friday, according to the Raleigh, North Carolina-based News & Oberver, the Wake County School District said it’s investigating the incident and noted the flashcards were removed from the school.

The district said the flashcards were not part of its approved pre-K curriculum and “did not complement, enrich, or extend the curriculum.”


According to Moore’s news release, Paré commended the district for addressing the incident so quickly and underscored that schools should not use inappropriate “teaching” materials.

“Schools should only be using age-appropriate materials, and these flashcards clearly do not meet that standard for a pre-school classroom,” Paré said.

“I hope schools across Wake County and the State of North Carolina will follow the example of Ballentine and respond swiftly when a parent expresses concern and ensure that materials like this are not being used to teach young students,” she added.


Catherine Truitt, North Carolina’s superintendent of public instruction, agreed.

“I can think of a hundred other ways to teach colors to pre-school children,” Truitt, a Republican, tweeted on Friday. “Classroom materials need be age-appropriate, and this certainly doesn’t meet the mark.”

Numerous conservatives expressed their disgust on Twitter.

“This is liberal indoctrination BS!” one woman tweeted. “Leave our kids alone, you liberal trash cans.”

Another Twitter user wrote that all states should pass laws to stop “extremist teachers indoctrinating young kids with trans lies and stupidity. What lunatic teacher tells kids a man can get pregnant.”

Imagine walking into your 4-year-old’s classroom and finding this. No wonder home-schooling, charter schools, and private schools are growing across the nation.

One commenter summed up the sentiments of numerous parents who are outraged by the left’s insidious, subliminal indoctrination of children.

“I just don’t understand why we need to be bringing sex into a preschool lesson about colors,” the user wrote. “Preserve the innocence of our babies.”

From kindergarten to universities to post-graduate programs, American schools have devolved into pernicious petri dishes cultivating malignant, leftist propaganda that lionizes transgenderism, victimhood, mediocrity and racial disinformation.

This toxic brainwashing has escalated dramatically over the decades as liberals took over the educational system.

Teachers unions are among the largest organizational contributors to the Democratic Party, according to Open Secrets, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research group that tracks political donations.

Given this tragic state of affairs, is it any wonder that American children lag behind their international peers academically and report increasing depression and hopelessness?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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