WATCH: Pro-abortion gal says it’s fine to kill 2-year-old children!

By Bob Unruh

Anabortion activist support's a woman's right to kill children apparently at any age. (Video screenshot)
An abortion activist supports a woman’s right to kill children apparently at any age. (Video screenshot)

Pro-abortion radicals appeared to be reaching new extremes regularly even before a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked to the press a few weeks ago.

Several states have adopted, or at least proposed, laws that are worded so as to suggest a baby could be terminated even after birth.

Now there appears a pro-abortion activist who has given carte blanche to women to “abort” their children for whatever reason, whenever, apparently.

The video was captured by the pro-life organization called Live Action, and it came from a “pro-abortion woman” who confirms “it would be legal to kill a child at any point after birth.”

She was attending a “BansOffOurBodies” pro-abortion rally.

The video:

The exchange, in which a singular theme appears regularly during the responses:

Live Action: Do you believe in abortion after birth?

Activist: I believe in whatever the woman wants to choose to do, that’s her choice.

Live Action: At any point in the child’s life?

Activist: At any point in the lady’s life, that’s her choice.

Live Action: To kill another person’s body…?

Activist: It’s going to always be her choice.

Live Action: Even after the baby’s born?

Activist: It’s always her choice.

Live Action: So if they’re two years old?

Activist: It’s always her choice.

Live Action: I can kill my two year old?

Activist: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

Live Action: To kill their child at any point?

Activist: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

At the RightScoop was the comment: “Just when you thought pro-abortion activists couldn’t get any more radical…”

The commentary said, “The interviewer couldn’t be more clear about what she’s asking of this pro-choice lunatic, who is so demented that she claims it should always be the woman’s choice to murder her baby even after it is born, at any point.”

Live Action News recently posted a video of Savanah Hernandez, a conservative content creator known for her man-on-the-street series, Sav Says.

In a recent installment, Hernandez polled several people about their responses to California’s bill, AB 2223, which has been dubbed the ‘infanticide’ bill. Though so-called fact-checkers have denied that the would legalize infanticide, the fact remains that, as written, the bill shields women and anyone assisting them from prosecution for perinatal death — meaning the death of a child outside the womb, up to one month old (as defined by California state law).

A man being interviewed said, “So I prefer that most women make their decisions at eight weeks, but if — I’m also in support of 10 months out of the womb.”

Warning: Profanity


Actually, as WND has reported, Colorado has moved aggressively to allow “perinatal” deaths of infants, using a term that could mean abortion before birth or after.

Then Decision Magazine reported California’s AB 2223 changes the state Health and Safety Code that would do the same.

The new law would read: “A person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”

The report explained, “While the bill doesn’t define the term perinatal, most medical dictionaries classify perinatal death as the demise of a baby from the 20th week of gestation to the 28th day of newborn life. With that in mind, the proposed changes to AB 2223 would effectively make it legal to kill a baby up to a month after birth.”

The Right to Life League was horrified: “AB 2223 literally decriminalizes infanticide.”

The plan comes from Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, a Democrat from Oakland. And it also protects someone who “aids or assists a pregnant person in exercising” what California legislators consider a right to abortion or infanticide. It also allows a woman to sue any police department or legal authority that arrests or charges her for hurting or killing her child, under provisions of the bill, as does the Colorado model, Decision reported.

“For years, pro-life advocates have argued there is no moral difference between ending a child’s life days before birth or days after birth. California’s pro-abortion legislators now seemingly agree,” explained California Family Council chief Jonathan Keller.

“A political culture that justifies killing millions of children in the womb is now declaring open season on unwanted newborns. Every Californian must oppose this heinous bill.”

When Colorado started its advocacy for infanticide, WND reported that state’s pro-abortion history.

It was April 25, 1967, that Colorado took the lead in the race to promote abortion, to make sure that unborn children could be killed at will, by adopting America’s first abortion law.

It wouldn’t be until six years later that the Supreme Court fell into line with the plan promoted at the time by Dick Lamm, then a Democrat legislator and later a governor whose philosophy of life was typified when he told senior citizens, “We’ve got a duty to die and get out of the way…”

WND also has reported on plans in Maryland to allow babies to die after they are born.

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