It can’t happen here. Right?

By Patrice Lewis

As a former wildlife biologist, I have a fascination with animal behavior. One of the lessons I’ve learned during my time observing wildlife is how attuned animals are to situational awareness and “red flags.” In the kill-or-be-killed crucible of nature, to ignore a potential threat may be the last thing an animal ever does.

Yet people have developed the astounding ability to totally ignore red flags because “it can’t happen here” (or “it can’t happen to me”). Modern humans living in a modern society with modern conveniences have been able to bury the situational awareness all creatures possess by instinct. Americans in particular have cultivated an amazing ability to disregard warning signs, both internal and external. We still have the instincts, but we’re often too “civilized” to pay attention to them. After all, it can’t happen to me. It can’t happen here.

With this in mind, let’s discuss the normalcy bias, shall we? Wikipedia defines this as a mental state which “causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects.” It’s sometimes called the “It can’t happen here” syndrome. The assumption is that since a particular disaster has never occurred before, it never will. Any disturbing indications that something bad may happen are dismissed or trivialized.

But ever since 2020 when governments across the entire globe united to forcibly lock down their populations, we’ve been veering into unknown territory. Or is it so unknown? Vaccine passports (“You’re papers, please”), supply-chain disruptions, shortages of everything from fertilizer to baby formula, war in Europe, horrific weather extremes, electrical grid issues, civil tensions, riots, crop failures, avian flu, inflation, domestic terrorism from abortion radicals, diesel shortages … the list goes on, but you get the idea. People can handle one or two of these issues at a time, but all of them at once? Does that put us in unknown territory?

And these issues, let me remind you, are being presided over by one of the most incompetent administrations ever to darken the door of the White House. In fact, Biden is actually planning for the next pandemic as an excuse to seize more power.

Yet there are still people who deny anything bad could ever happen to our nation. It can’t happen here. I mean sure, we’re being warned about impending blackouts due to the push toward green energy as well as massive violence following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, but that won’t affect me, right? Things like that happen to Other People.

When we hear the mainstream media assuring us in soothing, condescending tones that we’re in an economic “recovery” – despite all evidence to the contrary – we want desperately to believe them. Biden himself assures us the economy is doing great, if only we’d take the time to notice. Since most people don’t want anything to disrupt their ordinary, comfortable lives, they believe him. After all, it can’t happen here.

Because of this normalcy bias, we ignore red flags. We see things for how we want them to be, not the reality of how they are. Very few of us can impact what happens nationally or internationally, but most of us can react to threats to our own selves and our families – if we acknowledge those threats exist. In other words, the first thing to do is strip away our normalcy bias and acknowledge the smoke on the horizon means a fire is coming. Situational awareness is half the battle.

Right now life is still pretty good in America. Grocery stores are well-stocked, restaurants are busy, movie theaters are full. Some people know that perhaps they should think about putting some of their retirement savings into tangibles (like food) or buying up some ammo, but what’s the hurry? The government won’t seize our assets or take away the Second Amendment. It can’t happen here.

But underneath our feet there is a low-grade ominous rumbling, something perceptive people detected many years ago. All is NOT right in America and in many other places in the world. Something bad IS heading our way. In other words, it IS happening here. That’s why people need to be ready to meet these challenges – physically, financially, and spiritually.

They say the worse things get, the smaller your focus should be. Right now on the national and international stage, there are a zillion things beyond our control. But we can control how we react. It means being a few steps ahead of others. It means filtering out the things we can’t change and focusing on the things we can. It means paying attention to that animal-like instinct in our gut. It means acknowledging that yes, it can happen here.

If you’re determined to continue your normalcy bias and believe “it can never happen here,” I suggest at least you become a student of history and learn from those who have been down these paths before. Or will you refuse to do that too? After all, those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it … and believe me, there is plenty of history no one in their sane mind would ever want to repeat.

The fact is, very little happens that doesn’t give some sort of advanced warning. All it takes is vigilance and a determination not to depend wholly on the mainstream media, which tends to filter world and national events to support its own agenda.

Folks, it’s time to recapture that internal instinct and pay attention to red flags, then brace yourselves for where America is headed. Learn how to safeguard your home and family; learn how to safeguard your finances; and learn how to safeguard your soul.

In the words of Ezekiel, “Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head. If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves.” Or will you ignore this too?

No one can predict the future, but we can look to the past, recapture our situational awareness, and pay attention to red flags. Then maybe we’ll be as smart as the animals around us.

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