James Dobson offers plan for parents under fire from ‘perverted’ schools

By Bob Unruh

James Dobson, founder of the James Dobson Family Institute and FamilyTalk radio, is offering parents across America who are being confronted with “perverted” public school systems, a solution.

Or several steps they can take, including the first, to “get my children out of a godless education setting quickly, before more spiritual and emotional damage could be done.”

In a segment of his June newsletter, he said he would recommend homeschooling or a quality Christian school that would begin every school day with prayer and Scripture reading.”

If necessary, he said, a family should move away from a bad experience with “ungodly influences.”

Then find a Bible-believing church where people are like the “sons of Issachar” from 1st Chronicles, who “understood the times and knew what to do.” Then, he said, parents need to remain involved with their children, because the culture “could take your kids to hell.”

Finally, support groups that are fighting the culture war and keep children and grandchildren as the subjects of prayer.

Dobson has advised five presidents on family matters and was inducted in 2008 into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He authored more than 70 books including, “The New Dare to Discipline,” “The New Strong-Willed Child,” “When God Doesn’t Make Sense” and “Bringing Up Boys.”

He comments come as part of his warning against the “Great Reset.”

“To understand the great peril America faces, we need to examine what Marxists and the far-Left are up to. They set out decades ago to destroy our democratic system of government by tearing down its institutions, its traditions, and the liberties on which it stands. Then Marxists intend to build a socialistic dictatorship on the ruins of that heritage. This strategy is called ‘The Great Reset,’ and it is operating at a fever pitch today.”

He said those radicals are trying to destroy marriage, parental rights, biblical masculinity and femininity, reverence for Scripture, Christmas and Easter, the Constitution and Christianity itself.

“Every one of these targeted institutions is in jeopardy,” he explained.

But he said most significant is the bull’s-eye that leftists have put on children.

“Let me spell out the game plan here. Those who would reset the culture know they must hold power over what kids are taught in the classroom. They want to control what kids believe…what constitutes right and wrong, good and evil…the choice of textbooks and the screens boys and girls watch. Indeed, if the Left can dictate what kids experience at school, they can remake America in a single generation. And tragically, that is happening now,” he warned.

Even Adolf Hitler, Dobson said, understood, when he said, “Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time, they will know nothing but this new community.”

This is why, Dobson said, “the Disney Corporation, the teachers’ unions, liberal school board members, and the courts, media, and the entertainment industry are united in their determination to control government schools.”

Ominously, he said, Joe Biden expressed that very thought recently at the White House, when he said, “They’re all our children. And the reason you are Teachers of the Year is because you recognize that. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

Public schools, he said, now have “every perversion … on display.”

The transgender ideology, he warned, is “the most outrageous work.”

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