Juneteenth hasn’t ended historical ignorance

By Mychal Massie

The fact that there is a large group of Americans who find value and esteem in being marketed as this marginalized segregative demographic that borders on being a separate species is beyond appalling.

It is absolute truth that the only thing liberals have done for these people is give them a massive inferiority complex that has asphyxiated common sense and led to the denunciation of modernity.

Take Joe Biden, a vulgar, diaper-wearing, drunkard haunted by accusations of sexual molestation, including strong suggestions of his participating in the sexual molestation of his daughter and granddaughter.

Biden had the unmitigated gall to say if I didn’t vote for him, I wasn’t black. Well I didn’t vote for him, and I’m not a Crayola crayon color. I will never allow his demonic kind to brainwash me into believing I am less than the whole. Why would I view myself as a minority or hyphenation when America’s God-given foundational premise was and still is: e pluribus unum, not: e pluribus pluribus?

And while I’m on the subject, I was raised to view the so-called “N-word” liberals like Biden and the Clintons ascribe to those minions who foolishly equate melanin with self-worth as a low, common, dirty person. I wasn’t raised to view it as a skin color. With my understanding of the so-called “N-word,” not even Bill Clinton is more of a “nigger” than Hunter Biden. Based upon the definition I was raised to understand, can there be a more grotesquely common person than that godless drug addict and accused sexual molester and sexual predator?

Liberal bipedal ambulatory diseases such as the Biden family are black marks upon the fabric of America. The low expectations their kind have convinced people who value being a crayon color to embrace is worse than the body odor of Hillary Clinton.

So low are the expectations of these people that they expect and demand recognition for owning a business. They spend a week each year recognizing so-called “black business week.” Children have businesses. I read about an 8-year old child who opened a lemonade stand and made $6,000. When I was a child we cut grass and painted fences to earn money. That made us de facto businesspersons. We didn’t demand the setting aside of a week to celebrate being a crayon color and actually working. Of course, we didn’t celebrate killing babies either, but I digress.

Liberals just like Judas goats have led these pathetic self-absorbed dead from the neck up meatheads to believe lies and embrace ignorance. This is proven by the applause Nikole Hannah-Jones has received. Heaven knows, it’s easier to find someone less flattering in appearance than Maxine Waters and the Obama woman than it is to find a more pernicious liar than Jones and her “1619 Project” fantasy.

Are the overwhelming majority of these crayon color people so completely incapable of recognizing what progressives have done to them? This isn’t a treatise on why they should be Republicans; it’s a treatise asking, how can they be Democrats?

Neo-Leninist progressives have enslaved these crayon-color fixated people on a plantation of emotional and psychological inferiority since the beginning of the 20th century when Vladimir Lenin and W.E.B. du Bois formed their ungodly alliance that philosophically continues today.

In the mid 1700s, “Towns such as Baltimore had more blacks than whites voting in elections; and when the proposed U.S. Constitution was placed before the citizens in 1787 and 1788, it was ratified by both black and white voters in a number of States.” (See: Black History Issue 2003; wallbuilders.com) During Reconstruction, there were some 2,000 blacks that held public office. Some were former slaves. This was because of “the passage of explicit constitutional voting rights for blacks in 1870” by Republicans.

It was rabid segregationist progressive Democrats who after regaining power in 1882 reversed all of the constitutional freedoms, i.e., equal rights, Republicans had legislated for the former slaves. Democrats would suppress equal rights for blacks the next 83 years until the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats used the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and codified Jim Crow laws to deny blacks equal rights. D.W. Griffith produced the epically racist movie “Birth of a Nation” in 1915 to portray blacks as savages. It helped KKK Democrats further subjugate blacks under Jim Crow.

Can there be a more despicable cabal of liars, deceivers and Erebusic marplots than liberal progressives, the likes of Biden et al.? The answer is yes, but not on this earth – the only ones worse are burning in the prosaic netherworld of Lucifer’s eternal abiding place.

I believe ending the celebrity of crayon color women having children out of wedlock and the systematic extermination of tens of millions of children while promoting the fallacious narrative of cops out to kill their children, would be more practical than a day most of them cannot spell – Juneteenth – and for the overwhelming majority of these people is nothing more than a day to falsely accuse, foment discord and behave foolishly.

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