AR-15 popular because it’s the best during ‘breakdown of society’

By WND Staff

There are tens of millions of AR-15/AK-47 rifles across America, and Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner’s Secrets column wanted to know why the semiautomatics are so popular.

He found that they are fun to shoot, accurate, and have thousands of configurations to assemble.

But, he also reported, they are dead on when it comes to being the best defensive weapon “in a hypothetical breakdown of society.”

The report explained that Drew Miller, of Fortitude Ranch survival camps, told Secrets “that self-defense is a more important reason to have the firearm than hunting.”

A standard rifle, he said, won’t defend against the hoards in a collapse, but a better defense comes from the rifles and their high-capacity magazines.

“Fortitude Ranch believes that the biggest and best argument for semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity magazines is their use for defense in a collapse. This is the reason preppers and survival communities like Fortitude Ranch buy these weapons and high-capacity magazines. If you are trying to defend your family when there is no police protection, you could face a marauder group with dozens of armed thieves and killers coming at you. A five-round shotgun or bolt action rifle with just a small clip, and you’ll be dead quickly,” he warned.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in an agenda that appears to want Americans less able to defend themselves, have been urging bans on the weapons and parts.

But Miller said, “We have more need to prepare, including arming ourselves with semi-automatic defense rifles, so we can survive when police protection is gone and a large part of the unprepared population turns to stealing and attacking and killing to survive. Gangs are certainly going to be armed with semi-automatic rifles and likely to use them offensively. Smart Americans will not give up their ability to defend themselves with these weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Secrets reported Justin Anderson, of Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, North Carolina, confirmed their value: “They are a perfect self-defense firearm for a dizzying array of reasons, including low recoil, great ergonomics, and easy customization.”

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