FBI finds Chinese tech on U.S. cell-phone towers that could hack nuclear arsenal

By Bob Unruh

(Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash)
(Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash)

The FBI is warning it has found Huewei technology on cell-phone towers in America that would be capable of hacking into the communications system for the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

A lot of details remain undisclosed, but a report at Adnamerica said the equipment was spotted in the rural Midwest, near critical military bases that logically would be targets for counter-intelligence campaigns by Chinese espionage agents.

The Chinese-made Huawei equipment previously was suspected of being a threat to America, and President Trump took action to make sure its reach was limited during his tenure.

The report said the new FBI documentation found Huawei tech atop cell towers that “was capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by U.S. Strategic Command, which is in charge of the nation’s nuclear weapon arsenal.”

“This gets into some of the most sensitive things we do,” a former FBI official told CNN. “It would impact our ability for essentially command and control with the nuclear triad. … If it is possible for that to be disrupted, then that is a very bad day.”

The CNN report documented that multiple sources verified the basics of the concerns, which have been so secret “that many senior policymakers in the White House and elsewhere in the government were not told of its existence until 2019,” the report said.

“The existence of the investigation at the highest levels turned some doves into hawks,” CNN said one former U.S. official confirmed.

It was several years ago that the Federal Communications Commission described Huawei and ZTE as “national security threats.”

There were severe restrictions imposed then on where the company’s tech was allowed. In fact, Trump cut them off from U.S. chip tech and convinced many European allies to set limits.

The report said, “Congress approved $1.9 billion to remove Chinese-made Huawei and ZTE technology from across the Midwest, but none of that equipment has been removed due to bureaucratic hang-ups and a clunky application process. The Commerce Department opened its own probe in Huawei after President Joe Biden took office in 2021 to see how urgently issue of purging Chinese telecoms tech was, which was first reported by Reuters on Thursday.”

According to a Daily Caller News Foundation report from earlier this year, under Biden, the Department of Justice ended a China Initiative program that took aim at the Chinese Communist Party.

Officials claimed the work “disproportionately” targeted ethnic Chinese, and as a result was racist in nature.

According to the DCNF, New York Times bestselling author of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” Peter Schweizer, said the decision to end the China Initiative “was met with loud cheering in Beijing. The Biden administration continues to give the CCP what they want.”

“It is a travesty,” senior fellow and chair of the China Policy Initiative Steve Yates told the DCNF. “Wrong move for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. Essentially the Justice Department is enabling the Chinese Communists’ use of woke talking points to shut down the only meaningful effort to penalize those engaged in unlawful theft and manipulation of Americans.”

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