‘God is gonna use her’: McDonald’s worker on divine mission to pray with, inspire customers

By Around the Web

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

(CBN NEWS) — A Mississippi McDonald’s worker inspires customers and her community daily by sharing her faith — and prayer — with those who visit her restaurant.

Brenda Wilson’s story emerged after a photo of her impromptu prayer with a customer gained traction on social media. Now, she’s explaining why she takes the time to pray with those she encounters.

“Because all things are possible through Jesus Christ. If I didn’t have God, ain’t no way these folks are going to stand here and let me pray through the drive-thru and hold up their times,” Wilson told WLOX-TV. “We have times that we have to go through, but he allows me 15 seconds with each one that I pray with. It’s like, when they leave and have tears in their eyes, I know God touched your heart.”

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