If parents and schools really cared, decency would prevail

By Mychal Massie

My late mother used to say: “It doesn’t take any real amount of brains or even common sense to not step in a pile of manure at the bottom of the steps leading up to your door. However, it does take caring about what you track into the house to remove your shoes before you enter the house.”

This is obviously a lesson public schools have been slow to learn and in reality show no real interest in addressing at all.

A shocking number of American K-12 educators have been charged with child sex crimes in the first half of 2022 alone.

According to an analysis conducted by Fox News Digital, at least 181 have been arrested between Jan. 1 and June 30, amounting to an average of exactly one arrest per day.

This report comes amidst Republican and conservative efforts to combat political and ideological “grooming” in schools.

Permit me to be the skunk at this revelatory digital news picnic. Neither the schools nor the parents give a rat’s tail about what is taking place. They care that this behavior is coming to light. I will also point out that I would argue the actual numbers of teachers whoring with other teachers and indulging their debaucherous sexual appetites for children are quite easily several times higher than the number of those caught.

Let me hasten to add that sexual depravity with young boys and girls is one of the most desirable decadent practices sought out and exploited in schools and specifically public schools today.

If parents and school systems were actually concerned about the fecal substance being tracked into the schools, they would do something about it. Schools would have dress codes for students and teachers. Course selection would remain focused upon civics, mathematics, science, history, art, music, language(s), technical training, etc. None of the course subjects I included involve condoms or learning how to place condoms on bananas or how to have pleasurable anal sex.

If there were a scintilla of concern for the safety of children in schools there would not be co-ed locker rooms. Sexual perversion classes would not be taught to children in K-5. The value of killing children would not be taught to those who are mere children themselves. Abstinence and morality would be promoted and applauded by parents, teachers and peers alike.

Christendom would play a pivotal role in family life and the role of acceptable behavior. Joe Biden and Bill Clinton should be recognized for the amount of prison time they received for beating, molesting, raping and battering women – not for keeping and ensuring the industrialized extermination of children was available to children in public elementary school.

Hillary Clinton would be recognized as the horrid old sot reputed to have body odor able to asphyxiate people working at a landfill. The Obama woman would be justifiably recognized as a tawdry old vodka-swilling harridan who elevated obliquity to levels consistent with her husband’s self-confessed unquenchable lust for having sex with men.

If parents and school systems cared about the careful preparation, i.e., “grooming,” of children to be sexual gratifiers of despicable reprobates, there would not be the lowest class of beings pretending to be men or women, whichever sexual perversion fits the need at that time, performing in public libraries and children’s reading programs.

Let’s be honest: In what scenario does a lecherous dirty cross-dressing homosexual man enhance storytelling on any level by perversely sashaying and comporting himself about while reading a “fairy” tale?

If parents actually cared, they would take steps to organize and involve their churches in the promotion of healthy learning environments – at least those churches that have not been contaminated by homosexual perversion.

If public school systems cared about the welfare of the students, the school boards would support truth and decency to the exclusion of Critical Race Theory and falsified history. Diversity would be the number of agricultural students compared to the number of engineering students, not some mythical contrivance based upon a crayon color or pretending to be something other than what a person was born.

The public school systems of today are overseen and staffed by those who are interested in the perversion of common sense and decency. And like it or not, if the majority of parents and school systems did not support this hebephrenic instruction, it would not be taught.

Feel free to disagree; people disagreeing with me don’t make me wrong. Parents and communities who support the teaching and behavior I reference are contributing to a future of broken homes and debauchery.

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