11 DAYS: Google is strangling us!

By Joseph Farah

They’ve thrown everything at us.

For years, Google has made it clear what its intentions are.

They’ve blackballed us. They’ve insulted us. They’ve demonetized us. And now the biggest search engine in the world has tried to completely destroy us by overtly lying about us – and scaring away our readers.

They’ve done it for the last 11 days.

During the past two weeks, Google has blatantly lied to the world about WND – insisting the storied 25-year-old Christian news site will “damage” their computers.

Reports from readers from all over confirm what WND’s staffers and tech team have replicated for the last 11 days: When they try to reach WND.com by way of Google, clicking on the “WND: Home” link that Google provides doesn’t take you to WND.com, but instead diverts you to a threatening page saying: “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Here’s a screenshot:

And yet, if you click on the link Google provides to its “Safe Browsing diagnostic page,” you end up on a Google’s “Safe Browsing Site Status” page which clearly states – are you ready for this? – “No unsafe content found.” (See screenshot below.) Nevertheless, this extremely destructive attack on WND persists day after day, no matter how many times our tech team reaches out to Google’s reps.

Despite all this madness, it seems to be deterring only 10% of the most faithful WND readers.

In addition to this, WND is simultaneously receiving a flood of reader reports that subscribers to WND’s email news alerts are discovering that our emails are being redirected to their spam folders! Even when subscribers take the time and trouble to repeatedly designate WND’s emails as legitimate and not spam, our emails continue to go to their spam folder, many have told us.

For some, even the live links within the news alerts are now also dead, preventing email recipients from clicking through to WND’s news stories.

It seems that once Google designated WND as “harmful to your computer,” the world’s email providers followed Google’s lead and stopped delivering our emails to subscribers – because they’re “unsafe.”

Google has been attacking WND for years, as long ago as 2014, attacks which continued and metastasized until late last year Google permanently demonetized us. And now this.

WND has been a critical test case for what remains of free speech and a free press in America. If they can kill us, they will come for every other Christian and conservative site on the internet.

WND was once thriving, successful, expansive – not anymore.

We were bringing in more than $15 million dollars a year until 2016, when Donald Trump ran for president and WND unabashedly supported him. That was enough for Google to expand its war on WND – along with other Big Tech censors. YouTube, owned by Google, has also permanently de-monetized WND’s channel, Facebook has massively suppressed WND’s traffic on its platform. And three major online ad companies canceled WND due to our supposed “hate speech.”

What can we do? I think you already know the answer. There is only one reliable source of support for WND anymore. And that’s you, our loyal readers.

These are hard times for us. I know it’s tough times for ALL of us! But if you can, here’s how you can help:

Please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to our sister organization, the Christian nonprofit charity called the WND News Center. You can make either a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation. Or you can mail your tax-deductible contribution by making your check out to “WND News Center” and mailing it to: WND News Center, P.O. Box 100, 580 E Street, Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.

For other ways to help, please check out HELP WND. Thank you!

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