‘It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election’

By Bob Unruh

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

There seems to be little question – although Democrats consistently deny the facts – that Mark Zuckerberg’s $420 million handed out to leftist elections officials to recruit Democrat voters influenced the 2020 presidential race.

We also know states routinely violated their own state laws regarding ballots.

And a recent poll confirms that eight of 10 Americans believe the fact that because legacy and social media suppressed the very negative – but accurate – information about the Biden family’s international business schemes when they shut down reporting about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop computer and its details, the election was skewed from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

But now conclusions are being drawn about who really flipped the election from Trump to the veteran Democrat who’s been a Washington insider for decades, and failed multiple times earlier in running for president.

“As the Washington Times reported earlier this year after the New York Times belatedly acknowledged the authenticity of the laptop: ‘Trump pollster John McLaughlin found that 4.6% of Biden voters would have changed their minds if they had known about it, easily enough to flip results in key states.’ Another survey by The Polling Company showed that even more Biden voters in seven swing states — 17% — would have switched their votes if they had been aware of the laptop and other stories,” explained Margot Cleveland, a senior legal correspondent for The Federalist.

“Those poll results confirmed what many conservatives had long thought — that by censoring the laptop story and the Biden family’s pay-to-play scandal, Big Tech stole the election from Donald Trump,” she wrote.

“But [Mark] Zuckerberg’s admission on Thursday that Big Tech throttled the story at the behest of the FBI reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump.”

She was referring to the recent confession by Zuckerberg that the FBI approached Facebook and suggested it be forewarned about “Russian disinformation” that would be coming.

That incident, she explained, “is but a breadcrumb of a bigger scandal: the widespread interference by the FBI in the 2020 presidential election with the potential that the bureau coordinated its efforts with the Biden campaign.”

President Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Zuckerberg, in an interview, had confessed that the FBI told his company that “we thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election” and that “we have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump similar to that so just be vigilant.”

So Zuckerberg arranged for the laptop report from the New York Post, which was documented and accurate, was suppressed – withheld from “many” people for a long time.

She explained, “Contrary to fake intel the FBI provided Facebook’s team, the laptop was not Russian disinformation but a true and devastating story showing Joe Biden had lied to the American public when he claimed in September of 2019 that he had never discussed his son’s foreign business dealings. Information on the laptop further implicated the Democrat presidential candidate in a pay-to-play scandal involving Russia, Ukraine, and China.”

She warned it is “implausible” to think Facebook was the only Big Tech company give instructions from the FBI.

And, she said, the FBI’s “interactions” with the Biden campaign were alarming.

The Hunter Biden laptop was abandoned in mid-2019, and at that time Isaac’s father went to the FBI to warn the bureau of the existence of the details, and that there was pornography there as well as information about “a pay-for-play scheme.”

After expressing a lack of interest, the FBI eventually took custody of the laptop, but Isaac already had made copies, and it is from those files that the many scandals have been revealed.

Whatever the FBI did with the computer, however, isn’t known.

Reports have confirmed workers were told not to look at the evidence.

“The FBI and the intelligence community cannot possibly defend the country from threats if it blinds itself to what those threats are. Nor could the intelligence community properly provide Joe Biden with a defensive briefing if agents remained ignorant of the content of the laptop. And as I previously reported, that content included the revelation by Hunter Biden that he believed Russians had stolen a second laptop with material that put him at risk for blackmail. So if the whistleblowers’ claims prove true, the FBI and the intelligence community put the election of Joe Biden above America’s national security,” Cleveland wrote.

But whatever else happened, she said, “The FBI lied to Facebook and presumptively Twitter and many other media outlets.”

Still uncertain is what Joe Biden did about the laptop, and his claim it was “Russian disinformation” may have been from his own opinion, from what someone told him.

“And make no mistake, even if Biden’s team did not conspire with the FBI to cause the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, it exploited the FBI’s gratuitous interference in the election, with the Biden campaign pointing to social media’s censorship as proof that the story was disinformation,” she wrote.

The concern about the collusion that went on regarding the laptop also alarmed Elizabeth Stauffer at the Washington Examiner.

“Potential fraud at the polls is far less disturbing than the growing body of evidence that Democrats, the FBI, Big Tech, and legacy media worked together — right out in the open — to put President Joe Biden in the White House,” she explained.

“At least a dozen FBI whistleblowers have reached out to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), ranking members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, respectively, to inform them that, in the months leading up to the election, bureau insiders tried to scuttle the investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business adventures. Their modus operandi was to label the story as Russian disinformation.”

The report noted one insider told Republicans that the leadership of the FBI “slow-walked” the laptop investigation “because they didn’t want it to have an effect on the 2020 presidential election. ”

Her commentary pointed out that the suppression “wasn’t just an innocent mistake.”

“Dozens of former intelligence community leaders — those with the wherewithal and experience to recognize that Hunter Biden’s laptop was legitimate — signed on to a letter discrediting the report as Russian disinformation. They gave Facebook and Twitter the justification they needed to squash the story — even though it was true.”

“The reason all of this is so damning is that Hunter Biden’s laptop had the potential to change the outcome of the 2020 election, and everyone knew it. That’s why the FBI allegedly delayed its investigation into Hunter Biden until after the election; why the New York Times and Washington Post confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was legitimate only after Biden was in office; and why Big Tech tycoons such as Zuckerberg are only admitting they were wrong to crack down on the story years after the fact.”

The New York Post noted that Timothy Thibault, an FBI assistant special agent in charge, left his job after facing “intense scrutiny” over claims he helped shield the laptop from investigation.

The report said Hunter Biden may have been protected from criminal investigations by his actions.

The report warned, “Timothy Thibault allegedly tried to kill off a valid avenue of investigation of possible Hunter Biden criminality until at least one month before the November 2020 election. ”

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