Google falsely warns readers: WND ‘may harm your computer!’

By David Kupelian

(Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay)
(Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay)

The Google “Goliath” has finally outdone itself in its campaign to completely destroy the WND “David,” the small Christian journalism operation that somehow refuses to die, despite continual attacks from all sides.

For the past week, Google has been warning everyone on the internet who tries to access via Google that the 25-year-old pioneering news website is outright dangerous to their computer!

This is no exaggeration: Reports from readers from all over confirm what WND’s staffers and independent tech team have been experiencing continually for the last week: When they try to reach WND by way of Google, clicking on the “WND: Home” link that Google provides leads not to, but to a threatening page saying: “Warning — visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Here’s a screenshot of the page:

Ironically, if you click on Google’s own “Safe Browsing diagnostic page” link, you get taken to a page labeled “Safe Browsing Site Status” which clearly states: “No unsafe content found.” (See screenshot below.) This deceitful and profoundly destructive attack on WND persists day after day, despite multiple appeals to Google by WND’s tech team.

Perhaps even more concerning, WND is simultaneously receiving a flood of reader reports that subscribers to WND’s email news alerts are finding WND’s emails being redirected to their spam folders! Even when subscribers go to the trouble of repeatedly designating that WND’s emails are not spam, our emails continue to go to their spam folder, many have told us. For some readers, the live links to various stories on WND’s news alerts are now also dead – that is, recipients cannot click through to the story being promoted.

Evidently, once WND was officially – and falsely – condemned by Google as “harmful to your computer,” the various email providers took the cue from Google that WND is an “unsafe” site and stopped delivering WND’s emails to their intended recipients. Yet email is literally WND’s lifeline.

I began this message by comparing Google with Goliath. Indeed, Google is BIG – the second wealthiest company in the world, and some believe the most evil. WND, on the other hand, is more like David. We’re small and have very little, but unlike Googliath, we honor God and are not intimidated by the malevolent giant.

In truth, Google has been after WND for years, attacking the trailblazing journalism site back in 2014, long before it came after most other conservative sites. The attacks progressed until a few months back Google totally and permanently de-monetized WND, which seriously hurt the ad revenue on which WND has long relied.

Why are they trying to destroy us? That’s easy to answer, because Google doesn’t hold back in describing exactly what it finds “dangerous,” “derogatory,” “misrepresentative,” “unreliable” and “harmful” – their words – about WND.

“We do not allow content,” Google exhorts us, “that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.”

Translation: Google is intent on suppressing any criticism or opposing viewpoint regarding the LGBT juggernaut that is currently taking over America’s schools. When as a news organization WND dares to report honestly and forthrightly on the fantastically deranged transgender agenda – where beautiful American children from coast to coast are indoctrinated, seduced, groomed, recruited and enabled to “transition to a different gender” by taking puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and even undergoing double mastectomies and castration – when WND sounds the alarm over any of this, which we do daily, to Google we’re “inciting hatred” and “promoting discrimination.”

No. We’re defending and protecting the most innocent, helpless and precious among us – the children who will make up America’s next generation. That’s not “hatred”; it’s love.

There’s more: Google repeatedly tells WND it does “not allow content that … promotes harmful health claims, or relates to a current major health crisis and contradicts authoritative scientific consensus.”

So when WND reports truthfully on the Biden administration’s deranged mismanagement and exploitation of the COVID pandemic – from imposing vaccine mandates that have thrown tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors, Navy SEALS, Marines, nurses, paramedics, police, firemen and other frontline heroes (including my own son) out of work, to suppressing inexpensive, effective and readily available early outpatient treatment of COVID, to pretending “natural immunity” isn’t real even though at least 92 studies prove it’s superior to vaccine immunity, to insisting that infants and toddlers be needlessly injected with the experimental and hazardous mRNA “vaccines” – well, such reporting as ours is simply not allowed. Only the official Biden narrative – the one based on massive lying, and which failed at every turn to end the pandemic, while driving up suicide, addiction, overdose deaths, depression and crime rates across the nation, and introduced a level of authoritarianism never before seen in America – is allowed.

Let’s dig just a little deeper and confront what’s really bugging Google, and exactly why the super-rich mega-monopoly (and the rest of the Big Tech oligarchs) have been so maniacally intent on taking down little WND.

Though disguised as high-minded moral concern over “accurate and beneficial information,” what we’re really contending with is a worldview in thrall to exceedingly dark forces, one that is obsessed with its own power, wealth, privilege, control and glory, that ignores Reality at every turn while manifesting an abiding contempt for biology, the lessons of history, the basic laws of economics, the transcendent value of human life, and especially, for God and His laws.

That’s what we’re really dealing with, and that’s what is trying to take us down.

Of course, it’s not just Google. YouTube (owned by Google) has also permanently de-monetized WND’s channel, Facebook has massively suppressed WND’s traffic on its platform, something Facebook’s reps have admitted to us. Three major online ad companies canceled WND due to our supposed “hate speech” (that’s what they call it when you uphold basic biblical morality). On and on it goes.

So what can we do to survive? In truth, because of the extremely difficult environment in which a genuinely free press is now forced to operate, there is only one source of support on which we can rely. And that’s you, our readers, those who appreciate and value WND.

Kindly consider supporting us during these extremely challenging times.

I’ll give it to you straight: The grace of God and generosity of donors has gotten us this far, but we need your help to continue, to make payroll for our fantastic group of journalists, all of whom have taken significant pay cuts and missed paychecks entirely, yet who have stayed with us for the past two decades!

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