The intentional energy crisis is real … and deadly

By David McQuade

In terms of intentionally destructive impact on civilization, the fast-escalating energy crisis may be the greatest challenge we face in our lifetimes. World wars have been fought over less. And don’t think it will turn out any different this time – unless we radically change course quickly.

Surprisingly little is reported about the gravity of the energy crisis raging out of control throughout the Western world. Progressive governments, including our own, have made absurdly counterintuitive and destructive decisions in favor of lofty “green energy” policies that will not become a reality in our lifetime or our children’s.

What they have succeeded in doing is making certain progressive loyalists wildly wealthy. But nothing beyond that dirty, one-hand-washes-the-other political money machine has materialized from all the green bluster as they fly private jets to Davos – despite the fossil fuel savings of Zoom.

They know full well it’s impossible to run the increasingly demanding electrical grid without the aid of fossil fuels – even if you papered planet earth with Chinese-made solar panels. The grid infrastructure and battery capacity don’t yet exist, and this unforgivingly harsh reality has landed exceptionally hard on Europe this year. It’s landing here in America next.

Germans who’ve been largely compliant and ideologically committed to a green economy are suddenly foraging wood from national forests to survive the winter, much like during the Stone Age. They find themselves waiting in miles-long lines with pickup trucks and cars at coal plants they picketed only months earlier, as my friend Tucker Carlson aptly pointed out on his show Monday night.

Fewer lattes and baguettes are being leisurely enjoyed at European cafes and restaurants facing inevitable food shortages as inflation and energy costs are steadily eating into life’s little luxuries and disposable income. They’re saving for electric cars now.

Pan-faced, France’s Emmanuel Macron solemnly warned of the dire energy emergency with potential blackouts in what is predicted to be an unusually cold winter. “Climate change,” you know. He understands cold is what kills people, so buy blankets.

Back home, our administration famously hates pipelines. No wonder. They carry oil, the enemy of the people. Yet the Russian one they bizarrely like, the Nord Stream Pipeline, is now dangling the lifeline like catnip over a cat. Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal warned in an article entitled “Europe Braces for Russia Gas Disruption This Week – And Years of Higher Energy Prices Ahead,” saying, “Europe must brace for five to 10 years of hardship. …”

Such frequent “maintenance shutdowns” are no doubt tolerance tests ahead of winter, which Europe is already failing miserably. But NATO still gets an “A” when opining about ramping up the war in Ukraine. No end or relief in sight for Ukrainians or European citizens.

Energy consultants insist contingency plans take years, sometimes decades, to put into effect. More Chinese-manufactured solar panels – the components for which are mined using colossal quantities of fossil fuels – won’t solve the problem in frequently clouded-over Germany.

Western “world powers” will be ill-equipped to fight a world war that demands endless energy, and the carbon release will not be terribly helpful for a green environment. Ask China after a large military exercise.

Hoping to avoid similar self-destruction, the largest population concentrations on earth, like India, China, Iran and now Turkey, are now Russia’s grateful allies and energy beneficiaries. The West’s loss is their gain, thank you very much. The increasingly meaningless threats from the bully pulpit of Secretary of State Blinken aren’t likely to change this real-world dynamic.

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

For all it’s economic woes, Venezuelans pay just $0.08 for a gallon of gas. Imagine the economic growth America would experience with low fuel pricing after deregulation. According to U.S. News & World Report, Libya and Iran also pay far less than a dollar per gallon of gas, with petrol costing $0.12 and $0.20, respectively.

This, while Europe nudges $8 a gallon, and the left thinks it’s a miraculous “Biden comeback” at $5 in the States. Celebrated by media with a globalist nose ring, that “dip in prices” – still $2 higher than two years ago – is unsustainable.

America is no longer a net exporter of energy at a time when we should be helping the Western-dependent world. Rather, America is now sucking down global supply with the worst of them. So, look for fuel prices to “skyrocket” immediately after the midterms, win or lose.

“Sorry, Jack. Buy an electric car, pickup, dump truck, or tractor trailer – maybe an electric freight train while you’re at it.”

In the real world, everything rises and falls on abundant and inexpensive energy, despite Barack Obama’s longing that “electricity prices must necessarily skyrocket.” He said that out loud, remember.

And don’t think of those electric cars they’re pushing us into as a solution. Wait till filling your battery is more expensive than filling your tank.

The left has gotten energy deliberately wrong. And Europe and the rest of the West is paying the absorbent price for such plans the vast majority not flying jets to Davos cannot possibly afford – yet not a single mea culpa for their globally destructive policies.

Venting at relatives of politicians is in poor taste. But you can appreciate the boiling over frustration when people yell at Davos attendees and our president’s family, “You owe us gas money!” Sorry, chump, that money goes to liberal arts students.

God help us. By now you must know all of this is to force the malevolent Great Reset. After all, “you have to break a few eggs to remake a world.”

Nobody is this stupid. Not even our increasingly embarrassing, frail and failing president and his equally embarrassing stock-picker extraordinaire and progressive partner in cultural destruction, Nancy Pelosi.

Three words, dear reader: Vote, vote, vote.

Of course, two wrongs don’t make a right, so listen to your conscience and vote only once. (And dead people, please stay home this time.)

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