How IRS agents are like mass shooters

By Brent Smith

On CNN last Sunday, one of Washington’s senior Democratic scumbags, Richard Blumenthal, said with a straight face that one good thing that hiring 87,000 more agents will do is, “the IRS will have resources it needs to go after the 1-percent.”

I guess that’s to go along with the three-quarters of $1 million they just spent on guns and ammo. Building an army are they?

Now really, Richard – is that really what is going to happen, you weasel? I mean, we now have to believe that the IRS has wanted to go after the evil 1-percent forever, but just hasn’t had the resources. Really? That’s what we are supposed to believe?

And lest I forget, the IRS budget is now going to balloon by an additional $80 billion. But only to crack down on “wealthy tax evaders.”

I for one believe the IRS commissioner, Charles Pettig, when he told Congress last week that the additional manpower and funding will not be used to audit households who earn less than $400,000. Just like I believed that Lois Lerner’s IRS was not targeting conservative groups.

Interesting but I’m sure completely unrelated, according to Bloomberg and BusinessWeek, the IRS will now have the authority, and of course the manpower, to track every small business accepting payments through PayPal and Venmo. But again, I’m sure that will only be the wealthy 1-percent small business owners, right?

Starting next year, every transaction of $600 or more on those services must be reported. But it serves them right … those evil 1-percenters and their whopping $600 transactions!

So what’s really going to happen? If you believe that the Democrats are on the level and really intend to “go after” the wealthy tax evaders, then you are monumentally naïve.

Think of the IRS as a mass shooter. Where does the mass shooter strike? Well, they almost exclusively prey on soft targets, such as gun-free zones. It’s very rare that one will be stupid enough to target a gun show or gun store. And why?

The shooter knows he may get a couple of shots off, but will quickly be put down. The mindset of the IRS appears to be quite similar. These “agents” won’t go after those who have an entire legal department to defend themselves.

No, instead they will prey on the soft targets, those without tax attorneys on the payroll. They’ll pursue those who can be bullied with no real means of fighting back. They’ll say, “We’ve determined that you own an additional $642. Pay up or else.” And of course, the poor sap will pay. What choice does he have?

But this is nothing new. The dirty little secret is that now, even before all this additional money is spent and the 87,000 new agents are hired, people earning less than $25,000 per year are already audited at a higher rate than any other bracket.

Want another dirty secret? The bill was never as it was dubbed – “The Inflation Reduction Act.” We know this because the minute it was passed the name magically morphed into the “Climate, Tax And Health Care Act.”

And how about one more. Remember this? No one making less than $400,000 per year will suffer a tax increase? Well, this is technically true. However, you’ll just pay more for everything else, which is a de facto tax increase.

See, those in Washington want to continue to punish evil oil, gas and coal. You know, the lifeblood of the world. They will do this by attaching fines and fees on oil, gas and coal producers, which will be passed on to us resulting in an effective tax increase. But because it is not a direct tax, calling it that will be considered “misinformation.” This is not by accident, but by design.

So a word of advice. If you can afford to, you may wish to consider starting to prepay your energy bills now while you can to lessen the shock of the coming winter.

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