Why WND has been DEMONETIZED by Big Tech

By Joseph Farah

At WND, we don’t play footsie with Google.

And the reason is, of course, Big Tech is not our BOSS. Unlike so many, we don’t jump when Google says “jump.” Google, which controls almost all of the advertising on the internet, and its subsidiary, YouTube, have both completely and permanently demonetized WND. Why? Contrary to the canned reasons they cite (“misinformation,” “hate speech” and so on), it’s because we’re Christian and conservative and tell the truth.

So, after 25 years of trailblazing journalism, the kind you still get at WND, Google literally left us no choice for “monetizing” our enterprise other than to raise money by looking to our readers.

This will happen to other news sites like ours before long.

That’s how freedom of the press dies – in darkness.

For WND, the storms started up with a vengeance in 2016 when Donald Trump decided to run for president. We felt the chilling effect that resulted from our support of him even then. We were one of the biggest and most powerful news sites on the internet at the time – the first independent online journalism organization, launched back in the 1990s with investor money to operate in the free market for free people with free minds. That was our dream, but not Google’s.

Google evidently had monopoly on its mind – and radical censorship.

Big Tech companies also had something else in mind. Through censorship, they could command obedience. Maybe they could replace free America and free elections. Along with Facebook and their Big Tech buddies, they did exactly that in 2020. Despite my somewhat hysterical warnings, they succeeded in their evil plot when Trump faced a challenge by a hapless opponent, Joe Biden. (Just see the documentary film “2000 Mules.”)

America has not been the same place since that election. Biden followed the script well. He’s turned America into a nightmare virtually overnight.

Yet, when WND reports about this nightmare reality truthfully and boldly – about the intentional foreign invasion of our country, about January 6, about the transgender youth-grooming craze, about the astonishing level of Biden family corruption involving “the Big Guy,” and so on – Google calls us “dangerous.” Others call us similar things – “conspiracy nuts,” “wackos,” “purveyors of disinformation.” In truth, though, it’s the fake news outfits that are doing that. That’s Google-controlled news.

One big difference between Donald Trump and WND is that we’re poor. Other than that, we do our job 24/7 as we have without missing a heartbeat for the last quarter century. Our vision for America is a lot like Trump’s. We think he’s a truth-teller. He thinks we’re truth-tellers. We both want to save America. We both know America deserves better than its current “leaders.” We both know God isn’t smiling on America for a variety of reasons; we’ve moved so far away from Him and His ways.

This is a bad time to need money. We’re all hurting. And there are many good causes to support. But I think WND is one that is very worthy. So is Trump and so are his MAGA candidates – like gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake in Arizona and Tudor Dixon in Michigan.

There is plenty of need to go around.

But God is good, isn’t He?

Yes, He’s our Creator. He’s our daily bread. He wants us to help one another. That’s the way He works.

He tells us in Matthew 6:3-4: “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”

Pray for us and we will pray for you, too.

It’s a time of prayer, obviously. And we must do for one another with what God has provided.

One final point: Google demonetized us. But we’re not demons! We’re prayer warriors. So let’s spread the Good News!

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