Biden’s speeches divide, deceive & demonize

By Larry Tomczak

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In our church on Sunday, a servant for Voice of the Martyrs ministry shared how he went to Sudan a few years ago to encourage Christians being persecuted and was suddenly arrested, imprisoned for 14 months with ISIS killers, then sentenced to life imprisonment before God miraculously set him free. They falsely labeled him an “enemy of the state, attempting to undermine their government.” – Selah (ponder it).

Scripture says, “Now I urge you, brothers, to closely watch those who cause divisions and offenses … through smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting” (Romans 16:16-18).

It is my conviction that Joe Biden causes divisions and offenses, uses smooth talk and flattery, plus works with the socialists, globalists and Marxists of the radicalized Democratic Party to deceive the hearts of unsuspecting Americans. We’re called to be discerning lest we be swayed by the cleverly crafted speeches prepared for him by professional speech writers paid to propagandize gullible, low-information listeners. Is he doing what political leaders did in Sudan and other countries to intimidate opposition and manipulate the masses into totalitarian control?

Props and propaganda

Recently, Biden came out of hibernation, and his handlers put him on stage in an ominous, almost Nazi-like setting with a blood-red backdrop, flanked by military guards (never done before in America) as his staff prepped him to project a “tough guy”-Clint Eastwood image, declaring with clenched fists that he was “defending our democracy in the battle for the soul of our nation!”

In this nationally televised address coinciding with the previous day’s speech (when he called out traditional conservatives as “semi-fascists”), G.I. Joe issued a red alert regarding the barbarians at the gate as he harangued against patriotic supporters of former President Trump and labeled them as scoundrels who are “extremists … angry … promoting violence … anti-Constitution … taking away contraceptives … stealing our freedoms … undermining our democracy.”

He appears to be echoing words from a letter he received from the National School Board Association alerting him (without providing support) of “extremists at school board meetings” who are “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorists” – or in the words of Democratic Party adviser Kurt Bardella, “The Republican Party is basically a terrorist cell operating in America.”

The picture Joe paints

Biden portrays his tenure as a tremendous success with himself as a “unifier,” America flourishing on almost all fronts. He doesn’t need to remind us of the numerous achievements of his administration as he has over the months and the fact there is no inflation, recession, shortages or gas problem, border chaos, fentanyl crisis, skyrocketing crime, corruption in the media or weaponizing agencies of our government.

It seems everybody is fairly happy and content in Joe’s world, yet according to the most recent Fox poll, “Americans are extremely concerned about the direction of America with 77% rating the economy negatively.”

Who are these villains destroying America?

I guess from Joe’s standpoint, I, along with tens of millions of patriotic citizens, are now in this rogues gallery! I don’t identify with a slogan or movement, but I certainly want to make America great again and am proud to be an American.

I’m passionate to preserve our nation’s godly heritage, protect our children from evil by being “salt” holding back moral decay as Jesus directed and honor the covenant made by our founders to “advance the Gospel for the glory of God.”

We love America, warts and all, and as traditional conservatives we stand unashamedly for God, country, one man and woman marriage, the nuclear family, the sanctity of human life (womb to tomb) and genders assigned by God only. We hold that the rights enunciated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence come from God not government.

Biden’s belief regarding himself

Biden believes he is historically a “messianic” figure like Lincoln during the Civil War and FDR in World War II. I personally pray for him daily but believe he is cognitively deficient, living in a state of denial and devoid of a moral compass to protect human life in the womb, on the border or in war-torn Afghanistan where multitudes were callously left behind as the Taliban reconstitutes, enslaves masses and puts women back into slavery. Where is the outcry from the women of the world?

Like Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden is an accidental president. Carter was given the prize because of Nixon’s resignation, Watergate and a weak Jerry Ford. Biden got the job because of COVID, collusion lies (launched by Hillary) and a biased media relentlessly trashing Trump while ignoring the scandal of Biden and his son along with Hillary Clinton’s destruction of her 30,000 emails with no FBI investigation of her home.

Carter brought us 14.6% inflation and 18.5% mortgage rates. Biden’s policies have us on a similar track. The brutal reality is that his “presidency” has been an unmitigated disaster, and there is irrefutable evidence to prove that fact. Tens of millions believe there was major elements of fraud in the 2020 election, and with the catastrophe continuing on the border, he has betrayed the office, his oath and the American people.

Stay complacent or stand courageously

The midterms are approaching rapidly. The Democratic Party continues to harass former President Donald Trump and believes by keeping him in the news they can keep the heat off Joe and the damage he has brought every American by his destructive policies and inept leadership. Independent voters, please perk up and help put Joe and the leftists out of business once and for all!

Here’s the deal: Don’t allow yourself or those you influence to be deceived by the policies and propaganda put forth by Joe Biden and his radicalized party. They want to tear down our Judeo-Christian system and replace it with secularist Marxism that fails every time it’s imposed. Former President Donald Trump now declares Biden himself an “enemy of the state.”

Pray fervently. Ask God for spiritual discernment. Resist deception and tyranny. Communicate the truth. Vote values from a biblical worldview. Let’s stand in solidarity to clean America’s house and see another Great Awakening in our day!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

– President Ronald Reagan


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