The faceless globalists who control Biden

By Mychal Massie

Joe Biden is a sack of rotted flesh and fecal matter with a mind that has never been suited for more than encopresis sans micturition that relieves the pressure of the crap for brains between his ears.

He’s the instrument being used to facilitate the order of preparation for the handful of wraith-like individuals existing in the shadows who in fact are the unseen controllers of global governance and global wealth.

These evil humanoid manifestations are about money and control, and believe me when I say it: The world at large has no idea how much money and control they possess.

As incredible as it is to me and outside-the-box thinkers like myself, the public at large, in its vain attempt to follow the protocols believed to achieve a level of comfort and income viewed as materially successful has completely missed what is actually taking place.

Biden follows in a historic line of failed Democratic presidents who have led the nation into severe national depressions and unparalleled national decline.

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The economic decline, the ensuing rise of inflation, the staggering increase in unemployment combined with the virtual collapse of the stock markets, including the tanking and gutting of retirement packages, took Biden 18 months. Not quite as dramatic as Democratic President Grover Cleveland who managed to be responsible for 10% unemployment nationally and as high as 25% unemployment in many industrial centers; a quarter of the nation’s railroads went bankrupt, and more than 15,000 companies and 500 banks failed. There was tremendous agricultural distress due to the plummeting prices of export crops, and labor strife was rife. All of the aforementioned was just for starters.

Of course, there was the obligatory Jacob Coxey and company demanding government intervention, i.e., the creation of a national welfare state just as AOC and her group of ugly sisterhood I refer to as the Halloween sisters are doing today.

Democrats Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and now Biden plunged the nation into unnecessary immiseration and decline. John Kennedy, like Biden, had his presidential win stolen from Richard Nixon and handed to him, in his case by organized crime.

The only reason Clinton failed to usher in national economic disaster was because he was political savvy enough to co-op the work of Republican leader Newt Gingrich’s Contract for America and claim it as his own. But, that doesn’t mean we ignore the fact that the foul-smelling, perspiration-stained and pernicious calumniator who masqueraded as his wife tried her best to force through a national health plan that was many times worse than Obamacare. She and Biden orchestrated the most thorough assault on so-called black youth ever, calling them predators and animals, calling for legislation specifically designed to incarcerate these youths for most of their lives. It’s a fact many of these youths remain in prison today.

Which brings me back to my starting point. The only difference between Biden and the other Democrats I’ve mentioned is that he has thus far come the closest of any of them to successfully turning America into Cuba.

As I said, it’s clear to me that ophidian elements who occupy the shadows with great stealth are the true wealth and power of the world today, the fact notwithstanding that they’re virtually without name and unrecognized by the world at large. That includes few who exist in America.

If you observe every Democratic presidency, you will note that dependence upon government and total government control of the courts, business and transportation has been key on their agendas, coupled with government-run centers of indoctrination called schools and health care. Evil will always let the public see evidence of its existence, but it won’t allow itself to be identified until a future day and time, and even then only the face of its emissary will be known.

Their gains have been slow, but they’ve been patient. Roosevelt succeeded in core designs of government dependence. It was the Democratic leaders doing the bidding of the early incarnation of the faceless power-brokers who fought for significantly lower tariffs and the implementation of an income tax. Under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, in 1913 they got their wish.

This is what the public fails to understand: Nothing these so-called leaders are doing is for our benefit. Everything is done for the benefit of the faceless global controllers.

Carter created the Department of Education and the Department of Energy. The most efficacious thing either department has done is to set up draconian measures as gifts to the top lieutenants of the global rulers.

The unconstitutional mandating of electric vehicles has more to do with the shadowy figures who will profit massively from the liquid lithium in the Salton Sea that is readily available and literally as easy to extract as dipping water from a glass. President Trump made us energy independent and allowed the free market to determine what We the People wanted.

If they’re successful in totally resetting the transportation landscape, America will become another Cuba, where automobiles are from the 1950s.

The godless demoniacs I reference are precursor for what is to come. They have a template after over a century of trial and error, showing what will work. I submit that the last thing needed was to test the ease of controlling people with the myth of a pandemic. Have you observed the number of people driving vehicles alone wearing masks?

The Democrats have refined the art of stealing elections with impunity. There’s no penalty for the thievery except for those who dare speak out and say President Trump had the election stolen. Those people are severely maligned.

Biden is a tool of those who believe themselves above God. While they won’t prevail in the long run, I tell you it’s imperative to make certain of your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There will be no saving America. That’s a lie of devil to prevent people from being obedient to Christ’s instructions. The lie is intended to discourage believing the Word of God regarding the “last days,” which are yet to come. (See: John 16:8-11 KJV; 2 Peter 3:4-17 KJV.) But, I would caution that the “end times” aren’t going to be pleasant for those who don’t know Christ as Savior.

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